Monday, June 20, 2011

ONE year and a big surprise

Its me again! I am back! I'll make this real short because I have a longer post coming that is more exciting...
Back in May I got home late one night from having a million things to do and Brandon had dinner and a present for me....

He said since our ONE YEAR anniversary was coming up he wanted to give me my present right then and couldn't wait a day later.

I got a new ipad. a pandora anniversary charm. and... a trip to the BEACH! My man is pretty amazing!!

So in the next couple weeks I want to blog about a few little things... Check back to see...
> our trip to the beach (my most favorite place in the world that we seriously want to move to)
> a re-cap of our wedding just because it was amazing and it's been one year. June 12th
> a post over our honeymoon just because I never posted about that trip and it was my favorite ever

Hope you all have had a wonderful start to the summer.
I LOVE summer and am rarely inside this time of year. I am a summer, sun, lovin girl.