Monday, April 2, 2012

15 weeks along

Since I know I need to be posting more pregnancy posts but am a total loser at blogging often, I am making myself do one.. right now! ( :

How far along: 15 weeks
Baby is the size of an orange

(I know, I know most of you don't care to see my bare belly. I am trying to get better at taking more belly pictures with clothes on. haha) This was a quick pic to send to my family via phone message.

I've been sleeping really good. I have to get up and go to the bathroom more often which is totally not like me but I'm not complaining. Other than that, I'm sleeping like a baby ( ;
During weeks 9-12ish I wasn't sleeping near as good but was extremely exhausted. I felt so restless when I went to bed, I would toss and turn all night but that has pretty much went away in the last few weeks.

Cravings: hmmm well I crave sour all the time. I have always loved sour stuff so its not much different than normal but its a lot more often. I could finish off a jar of pickles plus the juice in a day. I make frozen pickle pops with the juice too. They are amazing! I'll eat a whole lemon covered in salt. Sour candy, sour anything really! I have craved grapes more than usual too. I'm pretty hungry most the time but try hard to resist eating all day long. lol

Movement: I haven't felt baby move at all but my doctor said that most don't feel any movement until into the 20ish weeks. Baby is only the size of an orange so I'm not surprised I can't feel much yet.

Gender: wellll last week we went to the doctor to see our peanut and hopefully find out the gender but turns out we have a wild one. He/she would not be still long enough to even get a decent picture. So we couldn't find out the gender yet. But I wasn't upset at all. I was so incredibly happy seeing baby twist and twirl all over the place. Peanut was having a blast in there ( : 
Average size of babies during this time is around 8.63 cm and our peanut is 8.06 cm.
Perfect and heathly!

We go back at the end of April and will probably find out the gender. We plan to have a gender reveal party for the weekend after we find out. Now if baby is still as active and the doc can't find out we'll just move the date of the party again.
Here are a few pictures the doctor was able to get...

I am looking foward to so many things. But mostly, birth and seeing my lil peanut for the first time.

What I am not enjoying right now.... well my house is chaos. I am clearing out two guest rooms to make one a babies room. And the other room just needed a good cleaning. Every closet in our house will be packed. Thank goodness we have a seperate office so I still have a guest room I can keep a bed in. I am looking foward to having more space one day ( ;

I got to see my sister Lindsey last week while I was out of town for work. She showed up to see me with lots of goodies!!! Sour sour sour and sparkling white grapefruit juice ( I was craving a cold glass of white wine one day and she remembered) She also got baby the most adorable little something.. I'll post that next time.
Aunt Lindsey is awesome....
Also, my lil sis Piper went to Florida last week for Spring Break and got peanut the most adorable shoes. Their first pair of Sperrys!!!! ahhhh!!

Well I'll wrap this up since its getting pretty long. I have a lot more to post about... more baby stuff of course. But I'll save it for next time.
Looking forward to this busy busy month of April and loving the weather.
Have a great week ( :