Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

Well Its OFFICIAL... its FALL! We made the annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch. We were missing a few members of our crew ( Lindsey and Maggie... tear) but we made up for it by adding a couple kidos to the pack. My Mom, Dad, sister Mollie, and sister Piper, Brandon, and Brandons cousins Blake and Bailee all went. Its been a family tradition since I was just a wee one to go to this little hole in the wall fish place and then to the patch to get our pumpkins. Sunday afternoon we went to the Lazy Fisherman and filled our bellies. Their fish is aaahhh mazing! not to mention their pies also. Ymmm. After we ate we headed out to the patch. There were piles of pumpkins everywhere, along with barrels of pumpkins, a maize through the hay, ponys, goats to feed, a hay ride, and an indoor store where you can get all sorts of goodies. Everyone got to pick out their "perfect" pumpkin. Though it took some what felt like ALL day long, they each loved the one the ended up with. Poor little perfect pumpkin.. its fate awaits. Later this week all its guts will be cleaned out and a scary face will be carved on the front (watch for that post soon...).

The kids climbed and climbed and climbed some more. Ran through the maize, fed the animals, oh and did I mention climbed on the pumpkins.
                                                            Bailee pickin her pumpkin

Piper standing on all the pumpkins, I love this picture!

Brandon, Bailee, Piper, and Blake

Brandon and Blake (cousins)

Brandon was guarding our wheel barrel full of pumpkins and I snapped this pic real quick.... uhh does he resemble a certain scarecrow beside him. LOL

Where's Piper? Pumpkin Head....

This was hilarious! Blake thought there was a "monkey ride" but the only way to ride was if the monkeys picked you. So the whole time you have to keep your hand in the air for the monkeys to swing down and grab you and take you for a ride. He was really hoping they would pick him. LOL!
(we played along for a little while, we just had to)

Just some good pics...

Me and BU

And finally the FAMILY...well minus just a few.

We LoVe the pumpkin patch! 290 lbs of pumpkin later we are ready to leave. We'll be carving those massive pumpkins this weekend ( :  Since our family is mighty competitive we always go all out with our pumpkin carving. Those kits with the stencils are the best!
We also checked out the CORN MAIZE over the weekend. Very neat place for a family. However, bring your own weenies and marshmellows or you might get a little bored jumping hay over and over again. There is a cool maize throught the corn field, a haunted one at sunset, several games, a hayride, a rubbie duckie racing contest, and several fire pits for your own little cook out. {just take a lot of allergy medicine before you go.. hay, outdoor fires, corn fields, and smelly kids... uh makes me want to sneeze right now} lol!

Have a Great Week and a spootacular Halloween to everyone!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Show Us Your Life Fridays {Office}

Our Office!!

Okay so I recently started really looking into this world of bloggers and found that several of my friends do "Show us your Life Fridays". I have my evenings to blog but since I'm on a computer during the day that is usually the last thing I want do through my evenings. However, I have really enjoyed looking at others blogs and where people live. So I am going to make an effort to do the Friday posts. Hope you all enjoy!
This is our office {which we have put a little work into..paint and wood floors}

Since Brandon doesn't really have a "mans room" yet we kind of made the office his sports room. It's right off the living room with two french doors closing it off if needed. He has two big pictures of OU stadium and his favorite player that he is getting framed right now so they aren't up yet.
This picture is of Brandon as a little boy playing baseball> wasn't he adorable!

Here is "the baseball chair". My Dad gave this to Brandon which was a BIG deal. My Dad loves loves baseball and to pass one of his baseball chairs down was umm huge. lol!

Brandons Guitar {maybe one day he'll play} ( :

View from inside the Office looking out into the living room.....

Ohh I guess Cash wanted to be in the picture too....

And one of Brandons favorites.... he designed his own bat and got to put his signature on it at the official Louisville Slugger.

Well I hope you enjoyed our Office Tour! Any advice or comments are much appreciated. I can't wait to get ideas and see everyone elses offices.
Thanks for reading!!

Ohhh yeah I also wanted to post a little something about my kitchen. I know that was last Friday but since that is when I really started looking at them I thought I would share mine as well. Btw, I love love love your kitchens! I saw some of my dream kitchens and got plenty of ideas. Pretty sure Brandons "Honey Do" list just got a whole lot longer ( :
So here it is... MY KITCHEN

Our wine it!

Just some kitchen decor right by my sink

Looking out into the living room

Aww and don't forget about the fall touch {pumpkin it}

Some of my favorite kitchen appliances!

The Bar area where we eat most our meals..

Well there's a little bit of my kitchen. I really love my kitchen I think mainly because thats were we are most the time. You can see our whole living room from our kitchen. I would like to add a color or just some different decor. Any ideas?...
Thanks for reading! Happy Friday!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting Creative

Last weekend during our yard renovation I was able to fit in making my table centerpiece for Fall. When it got dark and we couldn't work inside any longer we went inside settled down and I {tried} to release my inner creativity.
On the dinning room table we had a summer centerpiece and needed to change it up. I like to try and make my own centerpieces. So this year I wanted to try a nice fall one with sunflowers. Now I have never been a big fan of sunflowers but thought it would be nice to get fall colored ones in a white vase. I remembered for our wedding we had a big unique entrance piece that was in a green vase. I pulled out that vase and some white paint and went to work.

I got several fall colored sun flowers and some curly fall branches from Hobby Lobby (love that store, some wire cutters, scissors, and some plant foam to stick the braches into.  Laid out a towel on the kitchen floor and got to work.

This is what B was doing while I was trying to be creative. (( : Love him.
Playing Wii Bowling.

Finally All Done {however I think it needs a little help so if you have any advice help me please}
I just hope it doesn't look messy... I love the fall colors though. I never really knew how much I liked fall until this year. I've always been a summer girl... but some things change and thats okay ( :

Oh and here is a little fall centerpiece idea for a bar or island... nothing too fancy but sooo easy.

After I finished my centerpiece, my little sis Piper helped me put clean sheets on the bed. Ahhh how I love the smell of fresh clean sheets. We had a little fun playing parachute with them before we had to put them on the bed. I have to say that game is still so much fun even as an adult.



Have a fantastic weekend and have a little fun this weekend!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's A Jungle Out There

Well as I sit here on my front porch admiring my yard and enjoying the weather {okay okay people watching} I want to blog a little about our recent project around the Ullrich home. The later part of summer I was strongly disliking our front and back flowerbeds but figured I would wait it out until Fall to change it all around. When we bought our house one year ago this month we thought the landscaping was just awesome... welll little did we know she had trimmed everything just a tad. So when summer came around  this year and things started growing in we discovered we had our own little jungle in the front flower bed. I'm tellin ya in was a little messy. A big tree right in the center.... random grasses and lillies scattered throughout the here and there.... just a big ole mess. However..... I have to say that we do appreciate the owner before us atleast having flowerbeds so we wouldn't have to do those ourselves... eeekk! So 33 bags of mulch later, 96 stone pavers, a truck load of new bushes and flowers, and two very sore people that discovered how out of shape we were finalllly all done. Now I warn you, it looks a little bare but its almost Fall. We kept the planting flowers to a minimum and will start fresh in the Spring time (  :
Here are some snapshots of our weekend.... we dont want you guys to miss out on the fun either. haha!

First I want to start with the work we did and show you before and afters very last. Save the best for last right>?
This was smack dab in the center of our flower bed hiding our house!
Heavy? YES!

 And it begins....

 Piper and Cash playing

We even had the trailer full!!

The clean up was really one of the worst parts... Other than being so sore the whole weekend. haha! But we managed to get it done and I fully know I enjoy it because I am sitting outside right now {yes in the dark} on my front porch blogging about it... oh and with my cup of hot chocolate thanks to my husband.

                                  (notice the big grass to the side..yuck)         
             After.... (( :

I love these trees... they are suppose to get taller but stay skinny. Exactly what I wanted!



After.... (( :    {theres that huge grass}

This is one of our back yard flowerbeds.... sorry we didn't get before pictures of this one. But it wasn't too bad to begin with....

It was work but well worth it and wayy cheaper than hiring someone to come do it for us. We enjoy driving up and seeing our HOME everyday (not hiding behind the jungle anymore). Thanks to our familes for help and advice with it. We did enjoy being outside working together (as much as it sounds like I didn't enjoy it... I really did) I just love my Brandon...  just have to say he is awesome! Thanks for reading and good luck with any of your home improvement projects. I know in our house there is always atleast one going on ( ;

Oh and in the midst of all this I made a cute little fall centerpiece... check back to soon to see it. I think it needs a little help from my blogger friends.
IT'S ALMOST FRIDAY... woooohooo!