Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's A Jungle Out There

Well as I sit here on my front porch admiring my yard and enjoying the weather {okay okay people watching} I want to blog a little about our recent project around the Ullrich home. The later part of summer I was strongly disliking our front and back flowerbeds but figured I would wait it out until Fall to change it all around. When we bought our house one year ago this month we thought the landscaping was just awesome... welll little did we know she had trimmed everything just a tad. So when summer came around  this year and things started growing in we discovered we had our own little jungle in the front flower bed. I'm tellin ya in was a little messy. A big tree right in the center.... random grasses and lillies scattered throughout the here and there.... just a big ole mess. However..... I have to say that we do appreciate the owner before us atleast having flowerbeds so we wouldn't have to do those ourselves... eeekk! So 33 bags of mulch later, 96 stone pavers, a truck load of new bushes and flowers, and two very sore people that discovered how out of shape we were finalllly all done. Now I warn you, it looks a little bare but its almost Fall. We kept the planting flowers to a minimum and will start fresh in the Spring time (  :
Here are some snapshots of our weekend.... we dont want you guys to miss out on the fun either. haha!

First I want to start with the work we did and show you before and afters very last. Save the best for last right>?
This was smack dab in the center of our flower bed hiding our house!
Heavy? YES!

 And it begins....

 Piper and Cash playing

We even had the trailer full!!

The clean up was really one of the worst parts... Other than being so sore the whole weekend. haha! But we managed to get it done and I fully know I enjoy it because I am sitting outside right now {yes in the dark} on my front porch blogging about it... oh and with my cup of hot chocolate thanks to my husband.

                                  (notice the big grass to the side..yuck)         
             After.... (( :

I love these trees... they are suppose to get taller but stay skinny. Exactly what I wanted!



After.... (( :    {theres that huge grass}

This is one of our back yard flowerbeds.... sorry we didn't get before pictures of this one. But it wasn't too bad to begin with....

It was work but well worth it and wayy cheaper than hiring someone to come do it for us. We enjoy driving up and seeing our HOME everyday (not hiding behind the jungle anymore). Thanks to our familes for help and advice with it. We did enjoy being outside working together (as much as it sounds like I didn't enjoy it... I really did) I just love my Brandon...  just have to say he is awesome! Thanks for reading and good luck with any of your home improvement projects. I know in our house there is always atleast one going on ( ;

Oh and in the midst of all this I made a cute little fall centerpiece... check back to soon to see it. I think it needs a little help from my blogger friends.
IT'S ALMOST FRIDAY... woooohooo!

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Lindsey said...

Lace! This looks amazing! You guys worked your little tails off, great job!