Thursday, October 14, 2010

Show Us Your Life Fridays {Office}

Our Office!!

Okay so I recently started really looking into this world of bloggers and found that several of my friends do "Show us your Life Fridays". I have my evenings to blog but since I'm on a computer during the day that is usually the last thing I want do through my evenings. However, I have really enjoyed looking at others blogs and where people live. So I am going to make an effort to do the Friday posts. Hope you all enjoy!
This is our office {which we have put a little work into..paint and wood floors}

Since Brandon doesn't really have a "mans room" yet we kind of made the office his sports room. It's right off the living room with two french doors closing it off if needed. He has two big pictures of OU stadium and his favorite player that he is getting framed right now so they aren't up yet.
This picture is of Brandon as a little boy playing baseball> wasn't he adorable!

Here is "the baseball chair". My Dad gave this to Brandon which was a BIG deal. My Dad loves loves baseball and to pass one of his baseball chairs down was umm huge. lol!

Brandons Guitar {maybe one day he'll play} ( :

View from inside the Office looking out into the living room.....

Ohh I guess Cash wanted to be in the picture too....

And one of Brandons favorites.... he designed his own bat and got to put his signature on it at the official Louisville Slugger.

Well I hope you enjoyed our Office Tour! Any advice or comments are much appreciated. I can't wait to get ideas and see everyone elses offices.
Thanks for reading!!

Ohhh yeah I also wanted to post a little something about my kitchen. I know that was last Friday but since that is when I really started looking at them I thought I would share mine as well. Btw, I love love love your kitchens! I saw some of my dream kitchens and got plenty of ideas. Pretty sure Brandons "Honey Do" list just got a whole lot longer ( :
So here it is... MY KITCHEN

Our wine it!

Just some kitchen decor right by my sink

Looking out into the living room

Aww and don't forget about the fall touch {pumpkin it}

Some of my favorite kitchen appliances!

The Bar area where we eat most our meals..

Well there's a little bit of my kitchen. I really love my kitchen I think mainly because thats were we are most the time. You can see our whole living room from our kitchen. I would like to add a color or just some different decor. Any ideas?...
Thanks for reading! Happy Friday!!


Trac~ said...

WOW - I love your kitchen and office - the colors are gorgeous and your house is so nice! Congrats on your marriage! My husband and I will be married 13 years at the end of this month (the 24th) :o) Your "baby" is beautiful too!

Miranda said...

Im in love with your house!!! :-) Your office is beautiful.. and your kitchen is TOO!!! :-)


Jenni said...

Everything looks GREAT girl!! And your dog is ADORABLE!!! :)