Thursday, December 23, 2010

Party, Decor, Train... and everything else Christmas!

Whew!! I am taking a little breather from this busy time of year to sit down and blog all about it! Every night for about a week and a half we have had some function. Fun but exhausting! I think we are finally done shopping.. well I would hope so since tomorrow is Christmas eve!! Woohoo! Did I mention I love the holidays, there is so much to be Thankful for and I love time with good friends, good food, fun gifts, and Family! I can't wait for Saturday!! I hope everyone is as cheerful and happy as they can be and has a wonderful Holiday.
Ready for 2011?!..... eekk it came so fast! I am ready for 2011 but this year has been one of the best yet!!
Well Monday of this week Brandon and I attended my friends annual tacky sweater party. It was so much fun, we had tons of food, games, and some ahhh-mazing sweaters! Here are a few pictures....
         Me making Brandons tacky sweater
          Tis the season to be Tacky.....

You guys should be very proud of us.... we made both of our sweaters! hahaha!! We looked on ebay for months and just couldn't find the perfect one of one that was under $50.00!!! Those ugly sweaters are not cheap! So we got all the crafts to sew and glue on and got cheap sweaters and voila... about $15.00 later we have awesome sweaters. I think we are gonna go into the sweater makin business... anyone need one?! lol!                            

                                            On our way to the party....

And finally me and my girls in our sweaters...

Soo... Tuesday evening we went to the Christmas Train with Brandons Dad side of the family.
It is really neat; yummy food, cute little shops, a train ride, hot cocoa, and much more.

A Great Family Tradition
At the Christmas Train in Dry Gulch, USA

Next is one of my favorite things... CHRISTMAS DECOR!! And I can't believe I haven't posted it before today. I have had my tree up since mid November... yes I love it! Here are a few pictures of my home. I think I might leave it up through January.. maybe February... okay maybe March. haha totally kidding!
                                                    Brandon did so good on our lights

Our Christmas tree and dining room table... just a little peak of what we have out
Entrance into our home, love this area

Christmas Card wreath hanging in our kitchen! I can't wait to check the mail everyday to see if we can add to this wreath. It's one my favorite things.

Glitter trees on the kitchen bar

Well I hope you enjoyed my everything Christmas post. We have done so many things Christmas but I just can't post them all. I am sure I will be back on after Christmas, before 2011 but until then I leave you all with a very Merry Christmas. May each of you have the most wonderful Holiday yet. Pray, let loose, laugh, don't let the stresses of life get you on that day. Smile, have fun, eat too much, hug your family, look around you and think about what you have already and not what you need,
LOVE Christmas day and everything about it.

Merry Christmas Blogger world!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Signed, Sealed, Delivered! Christmas Cards!!

"Tis the Season to be Jarry, Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra!

hahahahah!!! Everyone knows that movie right? "Christmas Story".. ya know "you'll shoot your eye out". Oh I love it. I have no idea but that just came to me so I typed it.

Well our Christmas cards are out!! Actually they have been out for a while. We were really early this year and got them out at Thanksgiving but I am just now posting them. I love shutterfly, it was super easy and I loved all the designs. I probably won't do such a detailed one every year but since this year has been extra good to Brandon and I (we got married in June) I wanted to send out a nice wedding Christmas card.
Here they are: The Ullrichs 2010 Christmas Card
(the front)
(the inside)

I love our little saying "May your days be married and bright"
"Married".. get it? We just had to throw in something about being married other then the pictures.
Anyway, I love Christmas cards and getting them from all our friends. I love seeing their families and their babies. I am going to try and post a few of them on here. 
Have a great week. I'm on my way to go dive into a plate of Christmas goodies we made over the weekend...ymmm!!  

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Flat to Fab Bathroom Makeover!!

Hello fellow Bloggers! Well recently Brandon and I decided to makeover our guest bathroom. It was just so BLAH! The color, the floor, the decor.... and ya know I never knew how much I disliked it until we got done with the makeover. And then I just couldn't imagine how I ever lived with it before. It is our guest bathroom and with no kids and hardly any guests we really don't see it that often
{I'm thinking not seeing it a lot is how I lived with it}.

We didn't do a total makeover, even though eventually we have thought about getting a new vanity. 
I really like this vanity, its simple but nice! I can just imagine baskets underneath with towels and soap for guests. But don't get my wrong I like the one we have now. It will work for our guest bathroom. We replaced the floor, color on the walls, and fixtures, and the decor. I love it now! I catch myself finding a reason to go over to the other side of the house just to peak in on our new and improved bathroom!!!

Well here are our BEFORE and AFTER pictures. Gotta love those before and afters. Its like instant gratification! Love it!

can you believe someone put carpet in this bathroom and it's a faily new home!! ew!

Love the new wall color (oh and how there is story behind that)

Okay so let you tell you a little bit about the wall color.. lets just say Brandon is so patient with me (( :
We went to lowes knowing that I wanted brownish/goldish, well the golds were all way too yellow for me. So then I decided to do a faux technique with browns and lights tans. So a little bit later, more like an hour later, at lowes I decide not to do faux painting in the bathroom. I finally found a color I liked! Tender Twig! We buy it and head home. Brandon tapes everything off and we start painting. About half way through I am regretting the color big time. Its look like a poopy color and in a bathroom who wants to sit on the toilet starring at poop color on the wall?! Well when we were almost done, I tell Brandon that I don't like the color. Him being so patient he just looks at me and kinda laughs. So the next evening I had a hair appt. but when I got home he had it all primed and white ready for color #2. We go to lowes and instead of getting a dang gallon this time I picked out several sample colors, confident that one of them will for sure be the winner!! We paint a strip of each color on the wall. I starred at them until I couldn't even tell what color they were anymore. Okay so the next day, I decide I don't like any of those colors either. I know Brandon was starting to think out of the billion colors out there the "perfect one" for me just didn't exist. We decided just to paint the bathroom again with the original color, tender twig. I thought maybe once I get the new tile and fixtures in here then the color will magically look better.... and YA KNOW WHAT... IT DID!
So if anyone needs primer, or wants to sample a ton of browns, tans, golds, and greens I am the girl to call. Pretty sure we have a paint store in our garage now.
Now the tile, Brandon did that all himself! I swear he has got to the most handy man I know. Usually when they are super duper handy, they're not real book smart (sorry guys) and when they are book smart they aren't super duper handy. Well Brandon is too freakin smart, like smart to where I am jealous!! And he can lay tile, wood floors, paint, plumbing, landscaping, build things, put on a roof, and he totally rocked our Christmas lights this year. Okay well let me get back to the tile (I know you guys just love hearing about how awesome Brandon is.. haha). Well we had to tear up the carpet in one area and then grind up the tile on the other side. I think the worst part of the whole makeover was cleaning up after grinding tile adhesive up. Holy.Cow. There was about 2 inches of dust on everything in the bathoom, even the walls!!! I have never cleaned one area for so long. He got the tiled laid with help from his Mom (she can do anything too).  We finished the fixtures and decor. Viola, all done!

Okay so I didn't mean to write a novel about the bathroom but I just had to share the whole story.
Oh and one of my favorite things ever is soap, yes you read right, soap!! And one thing I love love about the bathroom is my apothecary jar full of homemade and unique bar soaps; they make the bathroom smell so good!

Happy Hump Day! and like always Thank you for reading!!! I really appreciate you taking the time to read about whats going on in my life.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of family, fun, and food! I really haven't been much of a blogger lately and was a complete failure with my "I'm gonna post something everyday that I'm thankful for" idea. Fail. But that doesn't mean I am not thankful. I think I am so busy enjoying all those things to sit down and type about them {yep that is my excuse.. its a pretty good one I think}. Anyway, my family and I had a good great Thanksgiving. This was the first year in probably 3 years or so that allllll my sisters and mom and dad and our gammy were all around the same table. There are 5 of us girls, its a "yours, mine, and ours" family (blended by marriage). My older, yet unbelieveably younger looking sister(that was for you Lin) and her man Quentin drove a few hours that day to be with us. One of my younger sisters Maggie just started college at Oklahoma State University and she came home from college to join us. And Mollie my other younger sister (who turned 16 this year, yes watch out everyone) was home also. And lastly, our youngest and the baby sister, Piper who is 10 was there, but of course she would be. Pretty sure she isn't married or in college yet so she better be at home. HA! My Gammy came in from Oklahoma City and then my Mom and Dad (well stepdad). Oh and of course my Brandon and I. We cooked all morning and laughed, drank a few glasses bottles of wine. hehe! When we sat down to eat the table looked amazing. My Mom cooked a turkey as well as Brandon. I think he is practicing for taking over turkey duty. My Mom and Gammy do an amazing job, their cooking is seriously the best. We all went around the table and said what we are Thankful for. I think my Mom had us all in tears after her emotional display that she was so thankful for her girls and that we were all together. I think everyones "thankfulness" had the word Family involved. So blessed to be apart of my family, they are truly amazing! We ate, and ate, and ate some more until we couldn't move. I think we were all so full that we just sat at the table talking and kidding each other for a good hour after dinner. Here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving before I go on....

My Moms beautiful centerpiece!

The turkey pins Piper made for our place settings
(yep you could totally wear them.... and you better believe I did)

My Mom and Gammy cookin up a storm

And the family at the table (minus myself I was taking the picture)

So after dinner we cleaned up and did dishes. My parents had Christmas lights up but had not turned them on yet so we decided to do it "Christmas Vacation" style and turn them on while standing in the front yard. You know Christmas Vacation right?! Its only the best Christmas movie of all time. So standing outside like crazy people drumroll and everything....Fa lalalala LIGHTS COME ON! Beautiful, shimmery, peaceful, magical ......okay yes but its was freakin cold, we were freezing our butts off so we all head inside. BUT. not before a couple family pictures!!! Love it!

And this one... yes put the FUN in disFUNctional!!

Oh and after that we even watched Christmas Vacation. Pretty sure Brandon aspires to be cousin Eddie...
"shiters full"!!! hahahaha! Just kidding!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful Today for...

Today I am so Thankful!! Thankful for so many things but specifically a certain few special people who have a heart for animals. Yesterday I found a little kitten outside my work on a busy road. We thought she was hurt because she was just laying there still as could be meowing. I slowly walked over to her trying not to scare her anymore then she already was and put my hand close to her. When she didn't act aggressive at all I started petting her and was able to pick her up. I took her back into the office and comforted her. All of us in the office loved on her the rest of the day and passed her around. Brandon brought her some food and milk, and made her a little box with a blanket in it. She ate, played, and slept in her box. She was so sweet!! I instantly fell in love with her along with everyone in the office. We took her to our house last night in hopes of finding her a home. We made a little stop by mom Moms house to see my family. My 10 year old sister loved her but I think my Mom really was the one who wanted to keep her. Well they have a cat that lets just say wasn't real fond of this little kitty. So I brought her home and we played all night. She ate and drank and slept and played. There is no way she was a wild cat because she was way to sweet! We think someone maybe dumped her and that is why she was so scared. She slept in a big box with lots of blankets and only meowed a couple times through the night. I decided to take her to work again today because I knew a couple people were interested in her. Again she was so good all day! We really enjoyed her. I wanted her so bad.. correction so so so so bad!! But with our dog I knew it wouldn't be the best. And plus Brandon isn't big on litter boxes. Well I got this email later in the day from a good friend of mine saying she was interested. I sent pictures and a little information about the kitty. Well this evening we went over our friends house to see how the cat and their little girls react and it was perfect! They have the cutest little two year old ever.. Halley. And Halley has a little sister, Emmy who is 3 months. Halley was running around yelling "Kiittttyyy.. come heerree." It was so precious to see a little two year old be so gentle and sweet to the kitty. Halley named her Cassie the kitty.  So today I am especially Thankful for my friends who took a chance on a kitten who needed a home. I hope they end up very happy. (and I really love that I can still see the kitty anytime since they are such good friends of Brandon and I)!! I love good pet owners and pet lovers! People who have a soft spot for animals have a good heart and a special place in Heaven.

Here she is... so sweet

Sleepy kitten

I am so Thankful!
2 days until Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thankful today for..

Everyday I am Thankful for so many things but today specifically I am thankful for our family get togethers. We had a distant family Thanksgiving today and I really do enjoy getting together seeing everyone. Yes, it is a lot of work. Yes, I'm sure I could find things to do at home {clean, work outside, talk Brandons ear off, clean some more.. I hardly ever sit down and watch tv} but all that can wait. We are blessed and lucky enough to have our families around and be so close to them that every chance we get to do things we them we are there. So today, we had our first of several Thanksgiving dinners this week. Ya know that movie "Four Christmases" well that is our life on the major holidays. HA! Okay sorry I am rambling now- I do that pretty bad. So anyway we went and had some turkey and played football with the kids outside. Brandon and I brought the sweet potato dish and the green bean casserole. It was held at Brandons aunts house and she had it set up beautifully. I say "distant" family not meaning that we aren't close to them but that they aren't our immediate family. Every year we get together with Brandons Grandpa's (aka Papa) sister and brother and their kids and grandkids for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We were stuffed after lunch and sat around chatting for a while. I think those are some of the best times, when kids are running around, people and family talking all around you, the smell of good food and the noise of football on the tv.
So to sum it up: Today I am Thankful for Family get togethers. {and that we are lucky enough to have them so close to us}

This was Thanksgiving a few years ago with my family (Brandon was probably taking the pic)

Christmas with Brandon's family several years ago (i love older pictures)

Brandon and I on Thanksgiving a couple years ago (when I had brown hair..)

Piper and I on Thanksgiving last year (yep.. I have dark hair in this one too)

Well have a great week everyone!!
4 days until Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankful today for..

Today I am Thankful that I have the opportunity to have off work on Fridays. I was off today and enjoy my Fridays so much. It just does wonders to my mind. My weekends aren't so packed full of to-do's at home and things we can never get done during the week. Today I went on several much needed errands early this morning, got in a little Christmas shopping at one store, came home and worked in the yard (winterized sad to my pretty plants go but happy to see winter also), came in and studied for a test I have tomorrow, and then picked up Brandons lil sisters and my little sister from their schools and took them for ice cream. I am so Thankful! 6 Days until Thanksgiving ( :

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Me kissin our Thanksgiving turkey {named it Lucy} LOL

It seems like forever since I have been on here. Whew... I'm just so busy. I thought our life might slow down after the wedding but Right now we are in the midst of renovating our guest bathroom. So if each evening isn't full of family activities the bathroom takes priority. Don't worry before and after pics will be up soon. Eventually I would like to replace the vanity but for now {since we need the bathroom in usable condition by the holidays} we are just doing a quickie makeover; paint, fixtures, tile.

I usually blog about certain things we did on the weekend or house projects or my family but today I just thought I would get on and start typing. Lately I have been struggling with not letting a certain few get to me but also had an overwhelming sense of Thankfulness in the same note. I am thankful because its so close to the Holidays which is my absolute favorite time of year or maybe its just because I have this amazing family and husband that I never want to take for granted. Have you ever encounted people that have such a different attitude, outlook on life opposite of yours that it just drives you crazy?! Isn't family 1st in most peoples lives? I sometimes wonder with some and get irritated when its just brushed off because of "who they are". Shouldn't people be held accountable for their actions.. or lack of actions? Should it matter what Church we go to? or what job we have? or how much we have? Shouldn't we just all strive everyday to be better people, to help more, to love more, to smile more. I am not perfect by any means at all but I think I try with all my heart to put people before me especially the kids in my life. I guess I just don't understand how others can't. I sometimes want to say something so bad. I want them to take a step back, look at how they are and that we can all be better people even them. When I pray I pray for the courage to help me through, the strength to make me stronger, the patience to help me wait through...and to be better all around. I hope that these see the big picture very soon and also strive and pray to be better. I am done talking about this now, I never really say much about this so to write it just makes me feel a little better.
Anyways!! With Thankgiving being so close I want to think of something every day until then that I am thankful for. I have several things every day I am thankful for but I will post one thing a day until Thanksgiving.
A few years ago I was in college (broke like most college students) trying to finish my degree and making this huge plan for my life; continue with school, have this awesome career that hopefully travels all over, etc. I am so thankful for where I am right now though. We have a beautiful home, I have a great husband, I do have a job, still considering going back to school but it seems like life is good right now.  Have you ever been driving and just look around and see the beauty around you? Especially right now when all the fall colors are bright!
I love love love the holidays. the smell outside. the cold. the snow. the lights on the tree. the lights on homes. the cookies and goodies. the games played when everyone is together. the wine. the laughter that is continuous when my family gets together. the Christmas movies. hot chocolate. a warm blanket. giving to my loved ones. seeing my lil sisters face when Santa comes. the busy malls. warm coats. wearing jammies all day on Christmas. the food. waking up to a yard covered in untouched snow. sledding. baking. Christmas cards.slippers. tacky sweater party. friends. most of all my FAMILY.
Now's your chance to look around. think about what you love about today, about the holidays, about your life. Say it, write it, read it over and over again.
By the Grace of God is my life the way it is.

"Life is a classroom. We are both student and teacher, each day is a test. Each day we recieve a passing or failing grade in the particular subject: Grace. Grace is compassion, gratitude, surrender, faith, forgiveness, good manners, reverence, and the list goes on. It's something money can't buy and creditials rarely produce. being the smartest, the prettiest, the most talented, the richest, or even the poorest can't help. being a humble person can and being a helpful person can guide you through your days with grace and gratitude."

We put our tree up already since we both love just looking at it.
What I love about our tree is that every single ornament{weren't up yet in this picture} has a story. Every year since I can remember my parents have gotten all us girls a hallmark ornament so that we would have our own when we have a tree. When I met Brandon 8 Christmases ago we started it for him also. Our tree is nearly full of different ornaments and each of them is so special to us.

Laughter, Smiles, and Love to your family today and through the Holiday!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday Holiday Holiday Cards!

Its about that time again {Christmas} and I have been meaning to start looking at Holiday Cards. We sent out a Christmas card a few years ago that was probably my favorite so far. It was the year we got engaged and we send a little Christmas wish with a picture of Brandon and I on vacation where we got engaged. Yes, I said vacation... let me tell you the short version of how we got engaged. Brandon got me a trip to New York for Christmas (total surprise.. really). We left a couple days after Christmas. I found my new favorite place on earth... yes NEW YORK around Christmas time. On New Years eve we walk to times square to bring in the new year together and watch the ball drop. Little did I know, my Life was about to change forever. At midnight, confetti everywhere, people kissing, toasting, singing, Brandon got down on one knee and asked me to Marry Him!? Obviously I said yes! Best.Trip.Of.My.Life. 
So anyway that year we send out a Christmas card with a picture of us in New York!! It was by far my favorite card yet and still have a copy of it. This year I want to do something WEDDING! Very appropriate right?! We just got married in June so I want to put a little picture of us on the card and have a saying
something like "Have a Merry (or spell it Marry) Christmas"... or
"Tis the Season to be Merry (Marry)". I know I know so corny right.
I am planning on making my holiday cards with shutterfly!!
Take a look at these holiday cards on shutterfly

Christmas Photo Cards {love the one called "All wrapped up"}

Photo Cards {you can do photo cards for ANYTHING}

And Holiday Cards {love the one called "with love Chartreuse"}

Oh and by the way since everyone could save a litte money around Christmas time....

Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… apply here:

Here are a few more designs that I LOVE
                 "Family Wall Red"

              "Mod Love"

             "Peace Love"

Thanks for reading! Take a look at shutterfly!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

Well Its OFFICIAL... its FALL! We made the annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch. We were missing a few members of our crew ( Lindsey and Maggie... tear) but we made up for it by adding a couple kidos to the pack. My Mom, Dad, sister Mollie, and sister Piper, Brandon, and Brandons cousins Blake and Bailee all went. Its been a family tradition since I was just a wee one to go to this little hole in the wall fish place and then to the patch to get our pumpkins. Sunday afternoon we went to the Lazy Fisherman and filled our bellies. Their fish is aaahhh mazing! not to mention their pies also. Ymmm. After we ate we headed out to the patch. There were piles of pumpkins everywhere, along with barrels of pumpkins, a maize through the hay, ponys, goats to feed, a hay ride, and an indoor store where you can get all sorts of goodies. Everyone got to pick out their "perfect" pumpkin. Though it took some what felt like ALL day long, they each loved the one the ended up with. Poor little perfect pumpkin.. its fate awaits. Later this week all its guts will be cleaned out and a scary face will be carved on the front (watch for that post soon...).

The kids climbed and climbed and climbed some more. Ran through the maize, fed the animals, oh and did I mention climbed on the pumpkins.
                                                            Bailee pickin her pumpkin

Piper standing on all the pumpkins, I love this picture!

Brandon, Bailee, Piper, and Blake

Brandon and Blake (cousins)

Brandon was guarding our wheel barrel full of pumpkins and I snapped this pic real quick.... uhh does he resemble a certain scarecrow beside him. LOL

Where's Piper? Pumpkin Head....

This was hilarious! Blake thought there was a "monkey ride" but the only way to ride was if the monkeys picked you. So the whole time you have to keep your hand in the air for the monkeys to swing down and grab you and take you for a ride. He was really hoping they would pick him. LOL!
(we played along for a little while, we just had to)

Just some good pics...

Me and BU

And finally the FAMILY...well minus just a few.

We LoVe the pumpkin patch! 290 lbs of pumpkin later we are ready to leave. We'll be carving those massive pumpkins this weekend ( :  Since our family is mighty competitive we always go all out with our pumpkin carving. Those kits with the stencils are the best!
We also checked out the CORN MAIZE over the weekend. Very neat place for a family. However, bring your own weenies and marshmellows or you might get a little bored jumping hay over and over again. There is a cool maize throught the corn field, a haunted one at sunset, several games, a hayride, a rubbie duckie racing contest, and several fire pits for your own little cook out. {just take a lot of allergy medicine before you go.. hay, outdoor fires, corn fields, and smelly kids... uh makes me want to sneeze right now} lol!

Have a Great Week and a spootacular Halloween to everyone!