Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Real Quick..

OKAY real quick I want to let everyone know to visit a certain blog! She is a great writer and she just started her blog. It's pretty funny but super entertaining and enjoyable. Oh and I think she is wonderful but did I mention she is my SISTER! ( :
So here it is.... EnJoY

This is a little quote from her blog...wanna see more don't ya ( :

"I thought I had it all figured out a few years ago, sitting in my one room apartment, little dog and fancy cocktail hour high up in the big city of Tulsa until a tall handsome slice of southern gentleman came and turned my whole world upside down. A story book romance (that isnt always perfect) one cabin, five acres, six animals and one huge culture shock later.....this is my life. These are my tales of woe and triumph and all things comical as I try relentlessly to navigate through what makes me the happiest."

And here is Lindsey herself:

I just got back from a little vacation so another post soon to follow all about our roadtrip..
check back soon!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

And the Dessert WINNER is....

And the Dessert WINNER is.....

Oh how I love my weekends, so sad the weekend is over. Well it was a pretty good weekend though. Piper spent the night and we did some baking. We went to a cookout where there was a dessert contest. We both found a good recipe and decided we were going to enter this dessert contest. Piper chose Apple Dumplings and I chose Cake Balls. Just us two girls in the kitchen baking away... it was a lot of fun but geezz my kitchen needed a good scrubbin after all that baking. The apple dumplings were probably one of the best desserts I have ever had, she really did do everything on her own. I think the only thing I did was cut and peel the apples. My cakes ball were delicious but a little too rich for me.
 Dessert Contestant # 1
Apple Dumplings

Peel 2 granny apples and cut into 8 slices each
(I did 4 because I doubled the recipe)

Get two cans of cresent rolls and roll them out into a buttered baking pan
Put 1 or 2 slices of apple in each cresent roll

Mix your sauce over the stove: melt 2 sticks of butter with 1.5 cups of sugar and tsp of vanilla
Then pour over the apple dumplings coating each one thoroughly
After that take a small can of mountain dew and pour around all the edges and we put a little in the middle also
Then top it off with a little cinnamon!

Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes or until golden brown.
Voila... all done!!!!


Dessert Contestant # 2
Cake Balls

First decide what flavor cake and icing you want to use. You can really get fun with the flavors.
I used a spice cake with a pecan icing and for the second batch red velvet cake with a cream cheese icing.
Make your cake first and when its done and still warm crumble into mixing bowl. Add your choice of icing and yes a whole container. Mix together well.
Next task.. lick the bowl ( ;

Using a melon baller or just some sort of scooper make round balls out of the cake mixture. Place on a tray and put them into the refrigerator until cake mixture has hardened a little.

Melt your chocolate coating in a large mixing bowl
Then start dipping your cake balls into the coating using as toothpick or anything that works for you (your fingers will do just fine also) lol!

You can sprinkle nuts, sprinkles, coconut, anything you want on them. Then place in the refrigerator until chocolate has hardened completely.
There you go...your yummy cake balls are complete!


Okay so now what you all have been waiting for... the winner of the dessert contest was.....
 Piper with her famous Apple Dumplings!
She won first place overall best dessert. There was a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and she won 1st!! I was so proud of her and she couldn't get the smile off her face. My cake balls didn't place but they were still good ( :  However, even I admit the apple dumplings were way better.
Piper won some great prizes and is now the apple dumplings master. I think that is now "her thing" for all the holidays.

And I want too say how EXCITED I am about Fall!! I love fall decorations and smells and colors and holidays. Now the allergies I could do without but I see a lot of zrytec in my future. Here is one of my favorite little fall enjoyments I have out right now.

Just a little decorated jar with our favoite kind of jelly bellys in it! We get into this jar daily and enjoy picking out our favs. Its the little things in life that bring smiles to our faces.
I also need some ideas for a new Fall table centerpiece! I have had a tall glass vase with palms and lemmons in it for summer but am ready for a good change. So all you creative cats out there, if you have any ideas I would love to hear them!!

Enjoy your Week! I hope its a Great One!!!
Thanks for reading ( :

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sluuummber Party time ( :

As some of you know, Brandon and I have sisters and cousins who we adore. I have FOUR sisters: Lindsey (27), Maggie (17), Mollie (16), and Piper (10). Brandon has TWO sisters and ONE brother: Dustin (24), Andi (14), Nicki (7). And he also has two cousins we love being around: Blake (10), Bailee (8).

This past weekend BU and I invited the girls over for a slumber party! Piper, Nicki, and Bailee came over Friday night. We went to dinner then came back to our house for a night of fun! When we first got home, the girls went straight outside and somehow ended up in the little pool we have outside with ALL their clothes on! Ahhh! They were hilarious though. After that they came back inside just to get dry clothes on and realized how much fun Laceys closet is I guess. These girls put on quite the fashion show. I was the host and got to annouce their model names which included OMG, Sparkle, Shine, and Diamond. They had every dress I own on the floor ..oh and every pair of summer heels were tried on. I kept hearing, "oh my goodness I love this one, no I love this one, oh Lacey can I please have these shoes and dress"!! We probably had 10 costume changes a piece. The more comical on the three was Piper just because she is not the girliest of them and went for the funny look....tissue stuffed bra, boots and a bandana on with a silk formal gown, sunglasses, the name OMG! She called herself "look out.. it's Oh my gah"!
Bailee and Nicki are the girliest girls! They had some poses I don't know if I can strike. lol! The jewerly, the matching shoes and dresses, glasses, hair scarfs... they had the whole package! Well here it is, see for yourself.

Ullrich Home Fashion Show 2010

                Piper                                       Bailee                                  Nicki                    

This is my bedroom half way through the fashion show. Eeekk!!

Brandon and I.. my fashion outfit consisted of a scraf around my head
I know... very hott and fashionable! haha!


So after the Fashion Show we went outside and roasted marshmellows on the fire pit to make smores ( :
The girls has atleast 5 marshmellows a piece! We had chocolate and marshmellow in our hair, on our clothes, on our feet, anywhere and everywhere. I rounded up the gang and went inside to call it a night. They took turns taking showers and got their jammies on. We put on Camp Rock 2 and sat down. However, this was not the end of the night. They then put on fake stick on nails, danced around to camp rock for an hour, and when I finally got them to lay down they talked FOREVER! These girls were like a little old bunco group of women. I had such a good time and conversation with them. They told me all about their dream weddings and how they want to wear my dress and that my wedding was the best day of their life. So sweet, made me miss that day so much. They talked about friends, favorite movies, their dream birthday parties, hair color, disney channel, school, sports, and just had a great time. They fianlly dosed off about a hour and two after the movie went off.


The next day we went to Pipers softball tournament. The girls and I stopped and got lots of snacks and drinks and posters and markers. We made signs for Piper and her team. Bailees brother Blake had a football game also but unfortunatly we missed that, the tournament ran late on each game. We'll be there next game Blake ( :

Anyway, the slumber party was successful! Brandon and I had a great time as well. We love being around those girls, they make you laugh and smile and act like a kid. Can't wait until the next party...well my bedroom can most definitely wait. haha!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Funny accident..

Okay okay first off, I want everyone to know I was NOT going to blog about this next subject. However, my husband and family get such a kick out of this they practically begged me to blog about it. What my husband said was, "Babe, you will look back on that and laugh so hard. It's funny and you have to blog about it, its part of your life which is what your blog is all about". I got to thinking and yes this will be pretty funny one day and I know all of you will get a smile out of it so enjoy ( :


Bad Idea  ) :

There it is...my poor little pinkie finger. I was on the treadmill (at home thankfully..not at a gym) and was just running away in my own little world. I received a text and picked up my phone without even trying to slow down and BOOM there I go falling down my treadmill. It shoots me off the back at full speed. Brandon came running in there, sees me laying on the floor in a ball, he turns off the treadmill and asks if I were okay. Since I was okay for the most part and actually laughing at myself he starts cracking up. I wanted to cry so bad but it was just so funny I couldn't help but laugh. I ended up fracturing my little pinkie and gettting a wicked burn on my hand. I sat with my hand under water for a good 2 hours. These pictures are probably some of the best it has looked. It was three times its size and blue and black all the way down my hand. It was not pretty! I have kept it in a splint weeks now and since its starting to feel and look better, I let it out last night and just put medical tape around it! My pinkie was Free!!! ( :
All in all it was a pretty funny experience, a painful experience but funny.
I hope you got a good laugh out of it.
Lesson of the day:
Do not text while on the treadmill going 6.5 speed. Eeekkk!

Friday, September 3, 2010

A place called Home...

Well since I've been a little absent with my blogging I thought it was time to get on and write in my online diary. I haven't been real busy lately so nothing exciting to blog about. But its Friday evening and I am so happy its the weekend and a long weekend at that. Woohooo! I thought I would use this time to tell everyone about the place that I call home... our house! Brandon and I got married in June but we bought a house in October of 2009. Brandon lived in our house until we got married and I moved in after college and the wedding. We are so blessed and thankful to have such a beautiful home. It's on The Woods Golf Course in Coweta and we love it here. Here are just a few pictures of our Home Sweet Home .... oh and few little renovations we have done. Enjoy!

Welcome to our Home.. this is the Entrance

This is walking into our living room

Our Dining Room
The summer table decor is still up (its almost time to switch to the fall decor...yayy)

The Master Bedroom, we love love love our comfy bed!

Guest Bedroom # 1

Guest Bedroom # 2

This Bedroom is actually called the "Sisters Room", we have pictures of all our sisters in here and plan pack it full of fun things to do for all the girls!
Oh and I wanted to get creative with this room so the headboard is actually an older door that we sanded and painted. Very antique but chic! (thanks Linz)

This is only a few of our sisters

My Wall of Crosses

This is our Kitchen
and the hottie in the pic is my Brandon making tea
(we go through about a gallon of tea every couple days)

There it is! The Ullrich Home Sweet Home

Well now for the big floor renovation we did in the Spring
We really wanted wood floors but had carpet and tile throughout the house. So we just decided one week that we were going to put in wood floors. Brandon is good at a lot of handy work so I knew we could do it. It took us a week of very hard work every night and over the weekend.
Voila.... all done!

                        Before                                                                  During                                                    



We actually had a pretty good time with our first BIG home project! lOVE HIM

Hope you enjoyed my post all about our Home.
"Home is where the Heart is"
May your home be as Happy as you dream for it to be