Friday, September 3, 2010

A place called Home...

Well since I've been a little absent with my blogging I thought it was time to get on and write in my online diary. I haven't been real busy lately so nothing exciting to blog about. But its Friday evening and I am so happy its the weekend and a long weekend at that. Woohooo! I thought I would use this time to tell everyone about the place that I call home... our house! Brandon and I got married in June but we bought a house in October of 2009. Brandon lived in our house until we got married and I moved in after college and the wedding. We are so blessed and thankful to have such a beautiful home. It's on The Woods Golf Course in Coweta and we love it here. Here are just a few pictures of our Home Sweet Home .... oh and few little renovations we have done. Enjoy!

Welcome to our Home.. this is the Entrance

This is walking into our living room

Our Dining Room
The summer table decor is still up (its almost time to switch to the fall decor...yayy)

The Master Bedroom, we love love love our comfy bed!

Guest Bedroom # 1

Guest Bedroom # 2

This Bedroom is actually called the "Sisters Room", we have pictures of all our sisters in here and plan pack it full of fun things to do for all the girls!
Oh and I wanted to get creative with this room so the headboard is actually an older door that we sanded and painted. Very antique but chic! (thanks Linz)

This is only a few of our sisters

My Wall of Crosses

This is our Kitchen
and the hottie in the pic is my Brandon making tea
(we go through about a gallon of tea every couple days)

There it is! The Ullrich Home Sweet Home

Well now for the big floor renovation we did in the Spring
We really wanted wood floors but had carpet and tile throughout the house. So we just decided one week that we were going to put in wood floors. Brandon is good at a lot of handy work so I knew we could do it. It took us a week of very hard work every night and over the weekend.
Voila.... all done!

                        Before                                                                  During                                                    



We actually had a pretty good time with our first BIG home project! lOVE HIM

Hope you enjoyed my post all about our Home.
"Home is where the Heart is"
May your home be as Happy as you dream for it to be


Sara said...

Those wood floors look great!! We are *just* finishing up our big kitchen renovation and the floors are next. (After the wedding that is!)

erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

Looks like you've been busy... and you've done a fantastic job!
My two middle boys (I have 5) are growing their hair out for the equivalent of 'locks of love' called 'shave your lid for a kid' It's been more than two years without a haircut. It's always inspiring to see others participating. :)
Great blog... will be following! :D xo Erica

ps- your haircut is gorgeous!

BrandonUllrich said...

That was a long hard weekend of work. But it was one of the funnest weekends I have ever had. Me and Lacey working together to make our home look even better.

Love ya woobie!1