Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sluuummber Party time ( :

As some of you know, Brandon and I have sisters and cousins who we adore. I have FOUR sisters: Lindsey (27), Maggie (17), Mollie (16), and Piper (10). Brandon has TWO sisters and ONE brother: Dustin (24), Andi (14), Nicki (7). And he also has two cousins we love being around: Blake (10), Bailee (8).

This past weekend BU and I invited the girls over for a slumber party! Piper, Nicki, and Bailee came over Friday night. We went to dinner then came back to our house for a night of fun! When we first got home, the girls went straight outside and somehow ended up in the little pool we have outside with ALL their clothes on! Ahhh! They were hilarious though. After that they came back inside just to get dry clothes on and realized how much fun Laceys closet is I guess. These girls put on quite the fashion show. I was the host and got to annouce their model names which included OMG, Sparkle, Shine, and Diamond. They had every dress I own on the floor ..oh and every pair of summer heels were tried on. I kept hearing, "oh my goodness I love this one, no I love this one, oh Lacey can I please have these shoes and dress"!! We probably had 10 costume changes a piece. The more comical on the three was Piper just because she is not the girliest of them and went for the funny look....tissue stuffed bra, boots and a bandana on with a silk formal gown, sunglasses, the name OMG! She called herself "look out.. it's Oh my gah"!
Bailee and Nicki are the girliest girls! They had some poses I don't know if I can strike. lol! The jewerly, the matching shoes and dresses, glasses, hair scarfs... they had the whole package! Well here it is, see for yourself.

Ullrich Home Fashion Show 2010

                Piper                                       Bailee                                  Nicki                    

This is my bedroom half way through the fashion show. Eeekk!!

Brandon and I.. my fashion outfit consisted of a scraf around my head
I know... very hott and fashionable! haha!


So after the Fashion Show we went outside and roasted marshmellows on the fire pit to make smores ( :
The girls has atleast 5 marshmellows a piece! We had chocolate and marshmellow in our hair, on our clothes, on our feet, anywhere and everywhere. I rounded up the gang and went inside to call it a night. They took turns taking showers and got their jammies on. We put on Camp Rock 2 and sat down. However, this was not the end of the night. They then put on fake stick on nails, danced around to camp rock for an hour, and when I finally got them to lay down they talked FOREVER! These girls were like a little old bunco group of women. I had such a good time and conversation with them. They told me all about their dream weddings and how they want to wear my dress and that my wedding was the best day of their life. So sweet, made me miss that day so much. They talked about friends, favorite movies, their dream birthday parties, hair color, disney channel, school, sports, and just had a great time. They fianlly dosed off about a hour and two after the movie went off.


The next day we went to Pipers softball tournament. The girls and I stopped and got lots of snacks and drinks and posters and markers. We made signs for Piper and her team. Bailees brother Blake had a football game also but unfortunatly we missed that, the tournament ran late on each game. We'll be there next game Blake ( :

Anyway, the slumber party was successful! Brandon and I had a great time as well. We love being around those girls, they make you laugh and smile and act like a kid. Can't wait until the next party...well my bedroom can most definitely wait. haha!!


Tatum said...

How fun!! Looks like you guys had a blast!


LindseyLove said...

Haha this is too cute! Love it, what a great idea. Your dog is adoreable too!


Monique said...

Reminds me of when I was young and had slumber parties lol!! These girls had a blast :)

Anonymous said...

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