Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meet Maggie...

Well heres another "Meet my sisters" post....
Meet Maggie...
Chance made us sisters, but our hearts made us friends for life. 

Maggie.. also known as "gigi" is 19 years old. She too has blonde hair and is pretty tall. She is a sophmore at Oklahoma State University. She is very involved in her soritory, Phi Mu. Maggie loves Yankee baseball and cowboy football. She loves pumpkin pie ( I know this because I love it too and we're in competition every thanksgiving for that one pumpkin pie..haha) shes loves frog eye salad (don't worry people its not real frog eyes) she loves Hula Pie from Hawaii, she choose to go to New York for her 16th birthday present, played golf in high school, drives a Jeep liberty, and works at a coffee shop in Stillwater. Whatever she chooses in life I know she will be successful at it, thats just how Maggie is ( :

Maggie was born old, meaning she is much more mature then most her age. And even though Maggie has a bit more serious exterior, I have seen the goofy Mag that comes out when you know her. This girl once peed in my car (as a teenager!!!) in my passenger seat from laughing so hard. Thank God it was leather... but yes she cleaned it up. Her and I go way back ( : We were best buds growing up. We went to walmart on more than one occassion to have a scavenger hunt. I'm pretty sure Maggie took a picture wearning some granny panties in the middle of walmart. Clearly she is the most competitive of the sisters (okay maybe her and I).

(i know this picture isn't the best quality but its one of my favorites, me and mag= best buddies)

Poor little Mag gave herself several little haircuts as a kid. She had a bowl cut at one time just to clean up what she had done to her bangs. She would go to town on that beautiful blonde hair of hers. But I am convinced she didn't really care about her hair. As long as it was out of her face when she ran around the house, or read her books she was good.

When I first met Maggie, she was around 2 years old and I was around 9. I was so excited to have her around. My new best friend! My Mom, older sister, and I put together a big plastic container of toys that we had grown out of so when she came over our house for the first time she had toys to play with. We played with her all the time, I just couldn't get enough of little Mag.

(BU and Mag, 2007)

I even helped potty train this girl. I remember sitting in the bathroom floor, her on the big girl potty reading books over and over and over again to me. "Maggie, are you done going big girl potty yet"? "Nope! yacey, lets read more books". And guess what we did, we read more books.

After my Mom and her Dad married and we moved into a home together Mag and I shared a room for a long time. We liked to dress up.... but not dress up like you're thinking. Cute pink girlie dresses were just not us, we dressed up in funny outfits with our hair done up funky with really ugly makeup. We loved it. She was quite the trooper... rarely complained about anything even when we put her in pretty Christmas dresses that I know were itchy and uncomfortable. Maggie would just go with the flow, she was happy as long as she was with her family.
 (ohh geeezzz)
I miss her being young so much!
Sometimes I get sad thinking about her being all grown up because I know she will have her own life and her own family one day soon but I'm also excited to see what her future holds and be there with her along the way. Plus... her growing up means we can hang out as adults and sometimes thats way more fun ( ;

 <3 Sisters <3

Mag, I am so proud of you for all you've done and accomplished. And even though we don't live close please know that I love you so much and am ALWAYS a phone call away. I love hearing about the things going on in your life and seeing how far you have gone in the last few years. Remember to let loose, never take life too seriously, and stay true to yourself. I know you work hard everyday for what you want in life and you will go far. Pray everyday. Don't stress to much, it gets nothing done. And remember that you're family would do anything for you and loves you to the moon.