Tuesday, September 13, 2011

amazing Alaska

Its been forever since I've blogged and there is so much to write about. Right now, I am sitting at home with gauze in my mouth from getting my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday so I figured this is a perfect time to blog! Like I said, there is so much I could write about since my last post but I wanted to keep this mostly about our newest found favorite vacation spot, ALASKA. Back in July, during our record temperatures over 100 degrees for like a million days in a row, we got the chance to go to Alaska. First of all, it is a must see for every single person. 
If you like hiking and being outdoors like we do, then you might want to come home and pack your bags to move there. If you are not much of a hiker or outdoorsmen, you will still love it. The weather in their summer is amazing, sitting out on the porch wrapped up in a blanket in the morning hours just gazing at the scenery. 

Things we loved. weather.daylight.moutains.ocean.glaciers.tropical flowers everywhere.waterfalls.hiking.wildlife(bears). great seafood.the bake shop (unlimited refills of homemade soup).the clean smell in the air.wearing hoodies in the summer.the locals.rafting.bon fires.the amazing rocks.exploring.fishing.the tiny pine cones.the views. and so so so much more.

We went with Brandons family and celebrated his Granny and Papa's 50th wedding anniversary. We did so much while we were there but also had down town to play games, sit in the hot tub, of just sit outside with a cup of coffee. I just can't say enough good things about Alaska.
(we're already planning on going back in two years)
Here are some pictures... this will help prove how amazing it is.

 We were on our way to the house from the airport and saw an awesome little place to explore and take a few pics ( :

This is our living room in our cabin. The house was amazing!

 Tropical Flowers. I felt like I was on a tropical island

At the Bake Shop, our favorite little bakery. Homemade soup and bread.
 I was really obbsessed with finding rocks. my bags were quite a bit heavier on the way home ( :

B and I had some time to explore the house until the rest of the family got there so we did...
 Animal skins were everywhere in the house.

 Rudolph!!! ( :

Brown bear cubs at a wildlife conservation center.. these guys were rescued. They looked so sweet.

A picture with all the Bison

Virgin Creek.
We found this close to our cabin and hiked it four different times. I think it was one of my favorite spots of the whole trip. 

On our balcony 

Whittier, Ak    -where our glacier cruise was-

 This guy was so cute and chubby. Sea lions were all over these rocks.

View from our Glacier Cruise
 Surprise Glacier

AMAZING seafood in Whittier, Ak

Looking down on Whittier, Ak

Some more hiking....

Two different times a mama bear and her cub came up on our back porch. It was incredible!
 This is Mama growling at us... eek

We hiked 10 miles up a mountain to this lake tucked between two mountains. Rabbit Lake.

We were so high up, clouds all around us. Most peaceful place on earth.

About to venture out on our rafting tour!!

 I know I know... our outfits were super goofy but kept us warm on that freezing water.

Bon fire after getting home from rafting. Some of the best times are just hanging out with family at home around a bon fire or on the porch.

Brandon and his brother Dustin made everyone walking sticks. Wood from Alaska and carved our names in them. They are great guys!

At the Bake Shop with the family
(the soup that day was clam chowder and I usually do not like that kind but it was amazing here)

At Crow Creek Mine
 Antiques everywhere, I loved it.

Brandon searching for gold!!!

Me searching for gold...

No luck with searching for gold so I got bored and put the gold pan on my head. LOL!

 View from the mine

Portage Glacier, it was huge!

The guy was rescued when something happened to his wing. Eagles were everywhere.

Kodiak Bear... these bears are the biggest.

Polar Bear . He was in such a playful mood, we watched him forever.

In the earthquake of 1964 the ground at this park sunk this much. They left some of the groud the way it was after the earthquake and it was amazing to see. 

Well that is just a tiny piece of our trip to Alaska!! I think I took around 500 pictures and could have taken more.
We stayed about 45 minutes south of Anchorage in a small town called Girdwood. Next time we go we might stay in Girdwood again or venture out to another part of Alaska. But I will definitely stay in the smaller towns around the big cities. We went into Anchorage a couple days to shop and although the shopping is great I was not real impressed. It just felt like any other big city. I loved being in the mountains, walking distance from waterfalls, hiking trails, and wildlife around us.

Hope you all enjoy! Have a wonderful week!