Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meet Mollie..

Hi bloggers! Well its time for another "Meet my sisters" post...

Meet Mollie..

Mollie is 17 years old. blonde hair and blue eyes. tall and lean. loves to dance.
She is a senior in high school and going to OSU next year!!!

She is one of the more girlie sisters of the bunch. Mol loves shoes, make up, perfume, cowgirl boots, dresses, curly hair, the color pink, and all things girlie. The girl loves pasta of any kind, loves frozen pumpkin lattes from Starbucks, has a bigger perfume collection then any woman I know, is in love with Sperry shoes and boots, loves the country setting, drives a sweet mustang, can do the jump splits, and dislikes eggs. She is an animal lover...I think if she were allowed to she'd have a small petting zoo in her room ( :

When I first met Mollie she was an infant and I was around 9 years old. My Mom married her Dad (so yes we are technically stepsisters) but we've never referred to each other as step. I've known Mollie her whole life practically. Anyway, as a baby she was funny but at times oh she was difficult. But I adored her, she was like a little baby doll (and the baby sister I always wanted).  And when I say she was difficult... I mean that the poor baby was sick more than usual. I don't think her and milk were a good fit.. if you know what I mean. ha!

Little Mollie had a knitted blanket that she called her "day-day"...... and Mol didn't take a step without her day-day. We'd have to give her something else temporary or sneak it out from under her arm during bedtime just to wash the blanket. There was a certain way she held day-day.... her middle finger and index finger were in her mouth while she held day-day by the rest of the fingers and slowly brushed her nose with the soft day-day. It was very sweet!

As she got older and able to run around and play she was quite mischevious. We had a little play closet underneath our stairs at our old home, in this play closet was toys, and an easel with crayons. Well more than one time we walked into the closet to find a nice scribbled picture on the wall instead of the easel.... Art by Mollie and boy was she proud of her picture on the wall ( :
Mollie recently has changed high schools and started going to a huge high school and is really loving it. She cheered at one time in high school but is now back to her roots, dancing!

When baby Piper was born Mollie was still just a little girl, around 5 years old. But she loved her baby sister. They even shared a room for a while... and what a girlie room it was. Pink and white canopies over their beds, white furniture, with girlie picture frames and flowers throughout the room.

Mollie is super smart also and has made straight A's most of her high school days. I am not sure what Mollie wants to be when she grows up, I have heard her talk about being a counselor or a teacher. I think she should open a dance studio and do what she loves, dance ( :

My oldest sister and Mollie are birthday buddies... well one is on June 20th and one on June 22nd but close enough to be Birthday buddies ( :  Since they are both the girlie girls we have done barbie cakes for them for their birthdays before. They LOVED them.

Chance made us sisters, but our hearts made us friends for life.

Mollie, my wish for you is that you go through life happy with no regrets. Strive for what you want and appreciate what you've got. You have a good soul little Mol and you have a family of people that love you beyond words. We are so very proud of your accomplishments.
As you grow up, when life hits hard at times, remember to turn to God. Pray.
Try not to take life so seriously, it gets you no where. Pray hard, work hard, and play hard!
Please remember that no matter where life takes you in the next chapter of your life, I will always be here for you. I am your sister. A listening ear. A shoulder to cry on. A girl to laugh with. And although I don't know everything (whew that was hard to admit, hehe) I am your older sister and will help you with anything I can.

love you to the moon.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meet Piper....

Hi bloggers, well here is the beginning of "Meet my sisters" starting with my youngest sister...

Meet my littlest best friend

Piper Sydney
-I said a prayer and you came true-

*6th grade*11 years old*blonde hair*blue eyes*very tall and lean*has a heart of gold
*crazy crazy smart*lover of all animals*very athletic*best softball player I know
*loves slugbugs*has quite a sense for fashion*loves to swim
*has a larger jersey collection then most men*is in more school clubs than I can count
*straight A student every year*got student of the year in 5th grade
*an artist*honest*makes some wicked apple dumplings*loves spaghetti and meatballs
*all time favorite cartoon: spongebob*once made shoes out of duct tape
*wants to be a vet*loves the ocean*scuba diver*teachers pet*loves Katy Perry*talks a lot
*incredibly loyal*loves God and her family more than anything*
{she's pretty much the girl at school that you want to be just like}

There's so much to this little girl, she is all around just a neat little person and I adore her. Piper and I are thick as thieves, we talk every day on the phone before bed.
Sometimes I wonder when she is in high school or even college we will still talk like we do now? But honestly I think we will, maybe not every night to say goodnight but often. We will be even closer then. She has always seemed older than her age since she was raised around 4 older sisters. Its actually like talking to a best friend, not an 11 year old.
I remember the day she was born. It was my last day of school in 8th grade, which meant final tests. I went to school that morning but got the call shortly after getting there that lil Piper was here. I got to leave school and go see her. (i came back during the summer to take my finals) I remember holding her, she was so little 6lbs 15oz. I cried tears of happiness. I prayed for this little baby girl several times and she was finally here, finally with us.

I am sure most of you know how it feels since your Mamas to little ones but I loved her so and still love her more than anything. I wanted to hold her and dress her up and play with her all the time when she was a baby. I love what our relationship has become. We are friends and sisters but she also knows I want what is best for her so when I rarely do tell her to do something she respects me and listens.

I really think Piper has an incredibly smart head on those shoulders and of course she will make mistakes but I think she will make it far in life. I see so much potential in her to follow what her path is. She sets very high goals for herself and although at times she seems a little hard on herself, I think she just knows anything is possible and to strive everyday for what she wants.

see*** lover of all animals ( :

This girl loves going to the movies, loves cherry berry, loves BBQ and mashed potatoes, loves playing outside on her bike or rip stick (which I still can not figure out and she goes all over on it), loves going to visit family, loves vacation, loves spending the night with her sisters, loves her dog, cat, and bird, loves laughing, loves shoes (her favs I think are cowgirl boots, converse, and toms shoes), loves halloween because she always has the BEST costumes, love Christmas and the snow... and much much more.
Piper is not a fan of people that treat animals bad, girls that are brats and treat others bad, the Boston redsox, cleaning the house, any food with nuts, brussel sprouts, or scary movies.

the lil lion was Piper and snow white was me years ago on Halloween

She was the mad hatter last year for Halloween

Although shes growing up so fast and into such a good person its makes me sad to think she will be all grown up before we know it. But I also can't wait to see what her life has in store for her. And I feel incredibly lucky to be Pipers big sis. My life wouldn't be the same without her. She is someone I can always count on to be there for me, talk with, hang out with, smile and laugh with, and be ourselves... two nutty sisters.

As a little girl and even now she gets compliments all the time on her HAIR. Its like movie star hair and I love it. She is also very patient with her big sis, me, when I want to play with it and do her hair all the time. Doesn't matter where we are, I just start fixing her hair and I know thats gotta get annoying so thanks Pip for putting up with me adoring your hair. hehe ( :

1st day of school 6th grade: 2011

Piper Sydney*
 Stay true to yourself and live life with no regrets. Remember no matter where life takes you, you have people that would do anything for you and adore you. You are such a special person Piper and God has big plans for you. I hope I have daughter that learns from you because you're pretty amazing.
Pray hard, work hard, and play hard.

A younger sister is someone to use as a guinea-pig in trying to get away with experiments and messes. Someone to send messages on to Mom. But someone who needs you - who comes to you with bumped heads, grazed knees, tales of persecution. Someone who trusts you to defend her. Someone who thinks you know the answers to almost everything.

I will always be here for you lil P.
Love you to the Moon and Back

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On the mind...

Its Fall and I love it! {other then my awful allergies} I love Fall and everything about it. Pumpkin might just be one of my favorite things in the world... pumpkin smells, pumpkin food, pumpkin latte, and even pumpkins themselves. I have started decortating for Fall but seriously have been so busy I don't think I have been home other then to sleep. I sure hope thats going to change soon because I am ready for some lazy days around my home.

So whats been going on lately......

* Well I have had some serious baby fever. I sometimes wonder if thats all in my head or if it means I am ready to have one. hmmm...   It might just be that I love reading and looking at all you cute little Mamas stories and pictures. I have always been a baby lover and I just keep thinking I want a baby NOW. But I think I wil hang on and wait another year or so. It also doesn't really help that Brandon always has baby fever. I think he was ready years ago... lol! He is 28 and I am 26... I think he is afraid of being super old before we have them. hehe... don't worry B I won't make you wait much longer.
Oh and my older sister Lindsey who has never really had baby fever before has it bad now... but not for her, for me. haha! She even has an album on pinterest name "Aunt Lindsey". I love it though because she is super creative and I know she will be a great Aunt.

*Also, I have really really thought about what I am suppose to do lately. What career path should I pursue? Should I go back to school? Should I teach? Should I pursue law school which is want I always wanted in colllege? But as I get older I think more about than just a big career, a big house, nice cars, etc. I think about being with my kids as much as possible, having freedom in my job, and less stress in my life. I have prayed and prayed about it and just still can't seem to know for sure. I think it will come to me in time but sometimes I feel like time is flying by and I am just waiting. (and I know that won't get me anywhere)

*Brandon and I recently purchased 3 acres of land to build a house on one day. The land was owned by his grandpa and has beautiful views and a pond on it. Well B is ready to build, he wants to build a garage appartment right now and then sell our house and live in the garage apartment while we build. But I am kind of torn... do I stay in my home now (that I love) and have a baby in this house. or do I start building? Also... this would be our forever home so no moving since its by family. What if one day I wanted to move away? I don't think that will happen because I am a huge family person and always want to be by family but just what if.. what if an opportunity arises one day and we move... hmm a lot to think about huh.

I've just had a lot on my mind lately... nothing bad though. Thanks for listening  ( ;

Well on a lighter note... I think I am going to go dark with my hair again. I have been dark before and keep going back to blonde. But I need a hair change BAD. So dark it is...i think. If I don't like it I can easily go back to blonde. So this is to be continued....

A couple weekends ago Brandon and I went to St. Louise for a short get away. We had a great weekend. We flew there friday night and flew home late sunday night. We went to a Cardinals game on saturday and a Rams game on sunday. We shopped and ate at several awesome places and went to the zoo. We plan to go back a couple more times this year, its a nice getaway that's not too far away.

Kenzie the baby elephant with her Mama and Grandma. She is 3 months old, weighs 350lbs.

                     The St. Louis Zoo was amazing. and FREE. Best zoo I have ever been too.

Well I am starting a little chapter in my blog... all about my sisters. They are such a HUGE part of my life so I figured I would tell you all about them. Each sister will get one post... probably starting with the youngest. So check back soon so meet my sisters ( :

Have a great week!! Thanks for reading ( :