Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

Well Its OFFICIAL... its FALL! We made the annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch. We were missing a few members of our crew ( Lindsey and Maggie... tear) but we made up for it by adding a couple kidos to the pack. My Mom, Dad, sister Mollie, and sister Piper, Brandon, and Brandons cousins Blake and Bailee all went. Its been a family tradition since I was just a wee one to go to this little hole in the wall fish place and then to the patch to get our pumpkins. Sunday afternoon we went to the Lazy Fisherman and filled our bellies. Their fish is aaahhh mazing! not to mention their pies also. Ymmm. After we ate we headed out to the patch. There were piles of pumpkins everywhere, along with barrels of pumpkins, a maize through the hay, ponys, goats to feed, a hay ride, and an indoor store where you can get all sorts of goodies. Everyone got to pick out their "perfect" pumpkin. Though it took some what felt like ALL day long, they each loved the one the ended up with. Poor little perfect pumpkin.. its fate awaits. Later this week all its guts will be cleaned out and a scary face will be carved on the front (watch for that post soon...).

The kids climbed and climbed and climbed some more. Ran through the maize, fed the animals, oh and did I mention climbed on the pumpkins.
                                                            Bailee pickin her pumpkin

Piper standing on all the pumpkins, I love this picture!

Brandon, Bailee, Piper, and Blake

Brandon and Blake (cousins)

Brandon was guarding our wheel barrel full of pumpkins and I snapped this pic real quick.... uhh does he resemble a certain scarecrow beside him. LOL

Where's Piper? Pumpkin Head....

This was hilarious! Blake thought there was a "monkey ride" but the only way to ride was if the monkeys picked you. So the whole time you have to keep your hand in the air for the monkeys to swing down and grab you and take you for a ride. He was really hoping they would pick him. LOL!
(we played along for a little while, we just had to)

Just some good pics...

Me and BU

And finally the FAMILY...well minus just a few.

We LoVe the pumpkin patch! 290 lbs of pumpkin later we are ready to leave. We'll be carving those massive pumpkins this weekend ( :  Since our family is mighty competitive we always go all out with our pumpkin carving. Those kits with the stencils are the best!
We also checked out the CORN MAIZE over the weekend. Very neat place for a family. However, bring your own weenies and marshmellows or you might get a little bored jumping hay over and over again. There is a cool maize throught the corn field, a haunted one at sunset, several games, a hayride, a rubbie duckie racing contest, and several fire pits for your own little cook out. {just take a lot of allergy medicine before you go.. hay, outdoor fires, corn fields, and smelly kids... uh makes me want to sneeze right now} lol!

Have a Great Week and a spootacular Halloween to everyone!


Megan said...

Love the new header! Did you make it on Picnik? If so, I bet you had so much fun! I know I did!!!

Lacey said...

Yes it was so much fun! I think I edited it like 100 times! haha! I have had picasa for sometime but just found out about picnik not too long ago and then saw yours and loved it. I now edit a lot of my pictures in picasa just to make the colors better. Its awesome!

Tatum-LeTard said...

Lacey - you are just adorable! I love this perfect for fall! Happy Monday!