Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday Holiday Holiday Cards!

Its about that time again {Christmas} and I have been meaning to start looking at Holiday Cards. We sent out a Christmas card a few years ago that was probably my favorite so far. It was the year we got engaged and we send a little Christmas wish with a picture of Brandon and I on vacation where we got engaged. Yes, I said vacation... let me tell you the short version of how we got engaged. Brandon got me a trip to New York for Christmas (total surprise.. really). We left a couple days after Christmas. I found my new favorite place on earth... yes NEW YORK around Christmas time. On New Years eve we walk to times square to bring in the new year together and watch the ball drop. Little did I know, my Life was about to change forever. At midnight, confetti everywhere, people kissing, toasting, singing, Brandon got down on one knee and asked me to Marry Him!? Obviously I said yes! Best.Trip.Of.My.Life. 
So anyway that year we send out a Christmas card with a picture of us in New York!! It was by far my favorite card yet and still have a copy of it. This year I want to do something WEDDING! Very appropriate right?! We just got married in June so I want to put a little picture of us on the card and have a saying
something like "Have a Merry (or spell it Marry) Christmas"... or
"Tis the Season to be Merry (Marry)". I know I know so corny right.
I am planning on making my holiday cards with shutterfly!!
Take a look at these holiday cards on shutterfly

Christmas Photo Cards {love the one called "All wrapped up"}

Photo Cards {you can do photo cards for ANYTHING}

And Holiday Cards {love the one called "with love Chartreuse"}

Oh and by the way since everyone could save a litte money around Christmas time....

Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… apply here:

Here are a few more designs that I LOVE
                 "Family Wall Red"

              "Mod Love"

             "Peace Love"

Thanks for reading! Take a look at shutterfly!

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Anonymous said...

Are we voting? Well, I am. Love putting, "Have yourself a Marry little Christmas" because I sing it my head when I read that. And I love the third card because it matches your wedding colors! Can't wait to get my Christmas card from the Ullrich's!