Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thankful today for..

Everyday I am Thankful for so many things but today specifically I am thankful for our family get togethers. We had a distant family Thanksgiving today and I really do enjoy getting together seeing everyone. Yes, it is a lot of work. Yes, I'm sure I could find things to do at home {clean, work outside, talk Brandons ear off, clean some more.. I hardly ever sit down and watch tv} but all that can wait. We are blessed and lucky enough to have our families around and be so close to them that every chance we get to do things we them we are there. So today, we had our first of several Thanksgiving dinners this week. Ya know that movie "Four Christmases" well that is our life on the major holidays. HA! Okay sorry I am rambling now- I do that pretty bad. So anyway we went and had some turkey and played football with the kids outside. Brandon and I brought the sweet potato dish and the green bean casserole. It was held at Brandons aunts house and she had it set up beautifully. I say "distant" family not meaning that we aren't close to them but that they aren't our immediate family. Every year we get together with Brandons Grandpa's (aka Papa) sister and brother and their kids and grandkids for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We were stuffed after lunch and sat around chatting for a while. I think those are some of the best times, when kids are running around, people and family talking all around you, the smell of good food and the noise of football on the tv.
So to sum it up: Today I am Thankful for Family get togethers. {and that we are lucky enough to have them so close to us}

This was Thanksgiving a few years ago with my family (Brandon was probably taking the pic)

Christmas with Brandon's family several years ago (i love older pictures)

Brandon and I on Thanksgiving a couple years ago (when I had brown hair..)

Piper and I on Thanksgiving last year (yep.. I have dark hair in this one too)

Well have a great week everyone!!
4 days until Thanksgiving!!

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