Thursday, November 18, 2010

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Me kissin our Thanksgiving turkey {named it Lucy} LOL

It seems like forever since I have been on here. Whew... I'm just so busy. I thought our life might slow down after the wedding but Right now we are in the midst of renovating our guest bathroom. So if each evening isn't full of family activities the bathroom takes priority. Don't worry before and after pics will be up soon. Eventually I would like to replace the vanity but for now {since we need the bathroom in usable condition by the holidays} we are just doing a quickie makeover; paint, fixtures, tile.

I usually blog about certain things we did on the weekend or house projects or my family but today I just thought I would get on and start typing. Lately I have been struggling with not letting a certain few get to me but also had an overwhelming sense of Thankfulness in the same note. I am thankful because its so close to the Holidays which is my absolute favorite time of year or maybe its just because I have this amazing family and husband that I never want to take for granted. Have you ever encounted people that have such a different attitude, outlook on life opposite of yours that it just drives you crazy?! Isn't family 1st in most peoples lives? I sometimes wonder with some and get irritated when its just brushed off because of "who they are". Shouldn't people be held accountable for their actions.. or lack of actions? Should it matter what Church we go to? or what job we have? or how much we have? Shouldn't we just all strive everyday to be better people, to help more, to love more, to smile more. I am not perfect by any means at all but I think I try with all my heart to put people before me especially the kids in my life. I guess I just don't understand how others can't. I sometimes want to say something so bad. I want them to take a step back, look at how they are and that we can all be better people even them. When I pray I pray for the courage to help me through, the strength to make me stronger, the patience to help me wait through...and to be better all around. I hope that these see the big picture very soon and also strive and pray to be better. I am done talking about this now, I never really say much about this so to write it just makes me feel a little better.
Anyways!! With Thankgiving being so close I want to think of something every day until then that I am thankful for. I have several things every day I am thankful for but I will post one thing a day until Thanksgiving.
A few years ago I was in college (broke like most college students) trying to finish my degree and making this huge plan for my life; continue with school, have this awesome career that hopefully travels all over, etc. I am so thankful for where I am right now though. We have a beautiful home, I have a great husband, I do have a job, still considering going back to school but it seems like life is good right now.  Have you ever been driving and just look around and see the beauty around you? Especially right now when all the fall colors are bright!
I love love love the holidays. the smell outside. the cold. the snow. the lights on the tree. the lights on homes. the cookies and goodies. the games played when everyone is together. the wine. the laughter that is continuous when my family gets together. the Christmas movies. hot chocolate. a warm blanket. giving to my loved ones. seeing my lil sisters face when Santa comes. the busy malls. warm coats. wearing jammies all day on Christmas. the food. waking up to a yard covered in untouched snow. sledding. baking. Christmas cards.slippers. tacky sweater party. friends. most of all my FAMILY.
Now's your chance to look around. think about what you love about today, about the holidays, about your life. Say it, write it, read it over and over again.
By the Grace of God is my life the way it is.

"Life is a classroom. We are both student and teacher, each day is a test. Each day we recieve a passing or failing grade in the particular subject: Grace. Grace is compassion, gratitude, surrender, faith, forgiveness, good manners, reverence, and the list goes on. It's something money can't buy and creditials rarely produce. being the smartest, the prettiest, the most talented, the richest, or even the poorest can't help. being a humble person can and being a helpful person can guide you through your days with grace and gratitude."

We put our tree up already since we both love just looking at it.
What I love about our tree is that every single ornament{weren't up yet in this picture} has a story. Every year since I can remember my parents have gotten all us girls a hallmark ornament so that we would have our own when we have a tree. When I met Brandon 8 Christmases ago we started it for him also. Our tree is nearly full of different ornaments and each of them is so special to us.

Laughter, Smiles, and Love to your family today and through the Holiday!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet post, Lacey. I admire your outlook on life. Keep on smiling, and don't let these certain people get to you. They have their own lessons to learn in their own time. Take care.

Lacey said...

Thank you so much. I'm definitely not going to let them get to me anymore. I love getting comments, thanks again!

Megan said...

I understand exactly what you're saying; I struggle with similar things. I have to just stay focused on what's most important and what I have control over. I love your list of "thankfulnesses"! :)

Lindsey said...

I love you! You are an amazing person with an amazing light and I am blessed every day I get to call you, not only my sister but my very best friend.