Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of family, fun, and food! I really haven't been much of a blogger lately and was a complete failure with my "I'm gonna post something everyday that I'm thankful for" idea. Fail. But that doesn't mean I am not thankful. I think I am so busy enjoying all those things to sit down and type about them {yep that is my excuse.. its a pretty good one I think}. Anyway, my family and I had a good great Thanksgiving. This was the first year in probably 3 years or so that allllll my sisters and mom and dad and our gammy were all around the same table. There are 5 of us girls, its a "yours, mine, and ours" family (blended by marriage). My older, yet unbelieveably younger looking sister(that was for you Lin) and her man Quentin drove a few hours that day to be with us. One of my younger sisters Maggie just started college at Oklahoma State University and she came home from college to join us. And Mollie my other younger sister (who turned 16 this year, yes watch out everyone) was home also. And lastly, our youngest and the baby sister, Piper who is 10 was there, but of course she would be. Pretty sure she isn't married or in college yet so she better be at home. HA! My Gammy came in from Oklahoma City and then my Mom and Dad (well stepdad). Oh and of course my Brandon and I. We cooked all morning and laughed, drank a few glasses bottles of wine. hehe! When we sat down to eat the table looked amazing. My Mom cooked a turkey as well as Brandon. I think he is practicing for taking over turkey duty. My Mom and Gammy do an amazing job, their cooking is seriously the best. We all went around the table and said what we are Thankful for. I think my Mom had us all in tears after her emotional display that she was so thankful for her girls and that we were all together. I think everyones "thankfulness" had the word Family involved. So blessed to be apart of my family, they are truly amazing! We ate, and ate, and ate some more until we couldn't move. I think we were all so full that we just sat at the table talking and kidding each other for a good hour after dinner. Here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving before I go on....

My Moms beautiful centerpiece!

The turkey pins Piper made for our place settings
(yep you could totally wear them.... and you better believe I did)

My Mom and Gammy cookin up a storm

And the family at the table (minus myself I was taking the picture)

So after dinner we cleaned up and did dishes. My parents had Christmas lights up but had not turned them on yet so we decided to do it "Christmas Vacation" style and turn them on while standing in the front yard. You know Christmas Vacation right?! Its only the best Christmas movie of all time. So standing outside like crazy people drumroll and everything....Fa lalalala LIGHTS COME ON! Beautiful, shimmery, peaceful, magical ......okay yes but its was freakin cold, we were freezing our butts off so we all head inside. BUT. not before a couple family pictures!!! Love it!

And this one... yes put the FUN in disFUNctional!!

Oh and after that we even watched Christmas Vacation. Pretty sure Brandon aspires to be cousin Eddie...
"shiters full"!!! hahahaha! Just kidding!


Rachel said...

Haha I could watch Christmas Vacation over and over!

Lindsey said...

Best post....ever!! "My older, yet unbelieveably younger looking sister"........might just be the sweetest thing you have ever said, Im getting a little emotional. It was wonderful, really wonderful.

Jenni said...

Hi Lacey!! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!! Your "Christmas Vacation" style lighting extravaganza made me smile!!

To answer your question on my blog, the paint color I used is called Ocean Storm by Valspar, and I got it at Lowe's! Also, just an FYI, if you associte an email address with your profile/google account other bloggers are able to reply directly from the email they get alerting them of you comment, and you would get the reply in your email. Many people don't know this, but it makes replying to comments/questions easier!! ;)

Have a great rest of your week girl!