Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful Today for...

Today I am so Thankful!! Thankful for so many things but specifically a certain few special people who have a heart for animals. Yesterday I found a little kitten outside my work on a busy road. We thought she was hurt because she was just laying there still as could be meowing. I slowly walked over to her trying not to scare her anymore then she already was and put my hand close to her. When she didn't act aggressive at all I started petting her and was able to pick her up. I took her back into the office and comforted her. All of us in the office loved on her the rest of the day and passed her around. Brandon brought her some food and milk, and made her a little box with a blanket in it. She ate, played, and slept in her box. She was so sweet!! I instantly fell in love with her along with everyone in the office. We took her to our house last night in hopes of finding her a home. We made a little stop by mom Moms house to see my family. My 10 year old sister loved her but I think my Mom really was the one who wanted to keep her. Well they have a cat that lets just say wasn't real fond of this little kitty. So I brought her home and we played all night. She ate and drank and slept and played. There is no way she was a wild cat because she was way to sweet! We think someone maybe dumped her and that is why she was so scared. She slept in a big box with lots of blankets and only meowed a couple times through the night. I decided to take her to work again today because I knew a couple people were interested in her. Again she was so good all day! We really enjoyed her. I wanted her so bad.. correction so so so so bad!! But with our dog I knew it wouldn't be the best. And plus Brandon isn't big on litter boxes. Well I got this email later in the day from a good friend of mine saying she was interested. I sent pictures and a little information about the kitty. Well this evening we went over our friends house to see how the cat and their little girls react and it was perfect! They have the cutest little two year old ever.. Halley. And Halley has a little sister, Emmy who is 3 months. Halley was running around yelling "Kiittttyyy.. come heerree." It was so precious to see a little two year old be so gentle and sweet to the kitty. Halley named her Cassie the kitty.  So today I am especially Thankful for my friends who took a chance on a kitten who needed a home. I hope they end up very happy. (and I really love that I can still see the kitty anytime since they are such good friends of Brandon and I)!! I love good pet owners and pet lovers! People who have a soft spot for animals have a good heart and a special place in Heaven.

Here she is... so sweet

Sleepy kitten

I am so Thankful!
2 days until Thanksgiving!


Tatum said...

Hey lady! What a sweet post. That was so wonderful that you took care of the little kitty until she found a good home. Good for you. I am soooo allergic to cats, but if I wasn't I'd probably own one :-)

I hope that you have a fabulous Thanksgiving.


Michaela said...

Beautiful post :)

Anonymous said...

AAA! I just saw this post for the first time! I'm not a good blog follower. Thanks for saying such nice things about my girls...the kitty has been a great addition to our family!