Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting Creative

Last weekend during our yard renovation I was able to fit in making my table centerpiece for Fall. When it got dark and we couldn't work inside any longer we went inside settled down and I {tried} to release my inner creativity.
On the dinning room table we had a summer centerpiece and needed to change it up. I like to try and make my own centerpieces. So this year I wanted to try a nice fall one with sunflowers. Now I have never been a big fan of sunflowers but thought it would be nice to get fall colored ones in a white vase. I remembered for our wedding we had a big unique entrance piece that was in a green vase. I pulled out that vase and some white paint and went to work.

I got several fall colored sun flowers and some curly fall branches from Hobby Lobby (love that store, some wire cutters, scissors, and some plant foam to stick the braches into.  Laid out a towel on the kitchen floor and got to work.

This is what B was doing while I was trying to be creative. (( : Love him.
Playing Wii Bowling.

Finally All Done {however I think it needs a little help so if you have any advice help me please}
I just hope it doesn't look messy... I love the fall colors though. I never really knew how much I liked fall until this year. I've always been a summer girl... but some things change and thats okay ( :

Oh and here is a little fall centerpiece idea for a bar or island... nothing too fancy but sooo easy.

After I finished my centerpiece, my little sis Piper helped me put clean sheets on the bed. Ahhh how I love the smell of fresh clean sheets. We had a little fun playing parachute with them before we had to put them on the bed. I have to say that game is still so much fun even as an adult.



Have a fantastic weekend and have a little fun this weekend!


Tatum said...

Hey Lacey! I think your fall table setting looks wonderful. Kudos to you!! Looks like you guys have a ton of fun together. Have a fabulous weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love the centerpiece! Can you come make one for my house?! You have been blogging a lot lately, I'm proud!
See ya soon, Kristan