Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

Well DAY TWO of a whole bunch of nothing. Well if you watch the news at all you're probably aware that we got a blizzard here in Oklahoma. pretty crazy.

**BLIZZARD-  a severe storm condition characterized by strong winds and reduced visibility. By definition, the difference between blizzard and a snowstorm is the strength of the wind. To be a blizzard, a snow storm must have winds in excess of 56 km/h (35 mph) with blowing or drifting snow which reduces visibility to 400 meters or ¼ mile or less and must last for a prolonged period of time — typically three hours or more.[1] Ground blizzards require high winds to stir up already fallen snow.

Blizzards can bring near-whiteout conditions, and can paralyze regions for days at a time, particularly where snowfall is unusual or rare.

     The Snow covered my boots.. about a foot deep here!

It started coming in Monday evening with freezing rain and snow through the night. We woke up Tuesday morning to a very white seen. Snow everywhere. The wind was so fierce it was blowing the snow into drifts as tall as 5 feet. It snowed all day Tuesday and finally stopped around 5:00pm. I now have a new understanding of the term snowed in. Literally being snowed in with no way of getting out.. snow up your door several feet, your driveway with 4 feet snow drifts covering it, and the roads so full of snow even big trucks and plows are getting stuck. geezz! 

        This is on the side of our house. Pretty sure someone could get lost in this!

This is the same storm that is moving across the United States as I sit here and type and from what I heard its getting stronger. I could never live in a cold snowy climate. I like one or maybe two good snow storms a year but bring on the hot hot weather the rest of the year. 
Tuesday we didn't even try to get out. We stayed inside all day... well with the exception of playing in (or shoveling) the snow a little bit. We had some family members try to get out and of course got stuck and maybe made it a mile or two from their house and turned around to go home. Today we did get out for a little while. We took the big 4 wheel drive avalanche to venture out and go get my little sister. Annndddd.. yes we got stuck. The road coming out of our neighborhood had not even been touched. So trying to drive a car through 3 feet snow drifts and no tracks already made was impossible... 4 wheel drive or not... impossible! A neighbor pulled us out with his truck and a rope. We then went through the neighborhood to another exit, luckily that part was a little clear. There are so many abandoned cars every mile and cars in ditches everywhere you look. We finally made it to my parents to get my lil sister and came back to our house. Then Brandon headed out again to meet up with the guys and start some plowing. They have several plows and snow removal equipment. They definitely have a very long day and night ahead of them. Removing snow from several big parking lots and neighborhoods so we can all get out in the next couple days. Good job guys, we appreciate you all so much!
                                 Brandon shoveling the driveway so we could get out
                                                 finally.... a path is clear!! yayyy!

So today Piper and I have played outside, ate mac and cheese for lunch, watched tv, and she's playing a game while I blog. We are going to venture outside again to "build a tunnel" (words from the lil sis). Hmmm... tunnel... I don't know about that. Sounds like I might freeze. 
                                              Just some pretty pics:  
                my rosemary plant stands about 4 ft tall and its almost covered now
                  Cassius loves the snow!!! We have to make him come inside to get warm
 Our front porch

Well stop back by later for more updates on this blizzard of 2011... I think we should name this storm. Every hurricane gets a name, lets name the blizzard too! 

I pray that every person and every animal has a warm place to stay through this wicked storm! 
God Bless 

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Anonymous said...

Oh the blizzard of work no school..ah...that was a good few days! Great thing about Oklahoma is we dont the snow or cold for comes and goes.....Up north they still have the same snow as they did 4 wks ago.....yep I love Oklahoma!