Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time Flies..

Whoa! its been a while since I have been on this ole blog. I really would like to make a goal that I blog more and comment and read others blogs more. I love the ones I do get to see but I never really venture out there and find more blogs. Hang in there, I'm still figuring out all this blog stuff! And finding time has got to be hardest part...  but just wait... one day this girl will be bloggin up a storm {hopefully}.

Hmmm.. my last blog was early this month. Well there has been so much happen since then but I will spare you all and not write about each day, each hour, each minute...  Just a recap of whats up in our world lately...

Well I just got back from out of town for a week, nope not vacation, but work! I worked for the company that puts on home shows all over the nation, Marketplace Events. I actually interned with them in college but the office that took over the shows OKC shows is now in Minnesota. And since I live in Oklahoma I didn't think that would work well, so when they come here to do shows they still have me work with them for the week. The show we just got done doing is HUGE! It's five buildings and I manage 2 of them. Its fun work, I really do enjoy it but its exhausting. I was pooped by the time I got home on Monday.
Before I left for the show, we had some unfortunate events in the family happen. Brandon has a great Uncle who passed away due to severe injuries from a fire in his pasture. He was in the hospital for a while holding on but just couldn't make it. It was very sad and I felt so bad for his family. But the funeral was beautiful and I think he would have approved ( :
And then... one day Brandons dad went into the doctors office to do a stress test, really not thinking anything of it. They didn't even finish it before they told him he failed miserably, poor guy! So they admitted him in the hospital and he ended up being there for several days. Apparently they found some blockage in one of the 3 main arteries. He had an operation and put in a stent. They got him all fixed up! He was sent home and feels good now! I know Brandon was very scared for a few days but I just kept telling him that everything that happened was really good. They caught it before it got really bad (( :
She wanted to go out to eat and see the Bodies Exhibit. Has anyone else seen that? Wow, is that amazing or what? To walk through and see every tiny part of a humans body (a human who was alive at one time) is amazing. To see how every teeny tiny part of you fits perfectly and ables us to do everything we do everyday is a miracle. There was a section that showed a baby at every week before they were born. Can you believe that their vitals organs are formed (just in teeny tiny size) by week 10. It was just amazing to see, I encourage everyone to go. It is a little pricey, about $17.00 per person but very neat to see.

my parents and piper at the bodies exhibit

brandon, piper, bailee, and me at the bodies

mom at her birthday dinner ( :

Oh and Brandons favorite part of the month I think was getting our new MAC! We have been thinking about buying a new computer for a while and just couldn't decide if we wanted a desktop or laptop. So we thought about it for a while (and saved the money for it) and finally this month purchased a mac desktop. We love it! I love editing photos and they have a great program on there just for that. We better like it because after that little big purchase there will be no more for a while ( ;

We also finally booked our Alaska trip for July! We are counting down the days... hiking, seeing the glaciers, fishing for salmon, 22 hours of daylight, and of course our hot tub at the cabin ( :  We really want to go to Florida this Spring to see my family there and to see the ocean {I am needing the ocean in my life right now, I love it} but we aren't sure if we can pull a trip together that quickly.
Uhhh lets see, anything else exciting these past couple weeks. Not really. Well I promise I will try to make my next blog post more exciting and not so blah.
 Have a Great Weekend!                                           
                                                  The Salmon Run in Alaska.

Oh and I got these beautiful orchids and a card from Brandon yesterday just because! I just had to share! (orchids were one of our wedding flowers, love them.. and love him)

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