Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love the weekends...

Oh goodbye weekend!! Everyone ready for the week again?.. I know I'm not.
We had a nice relaxing weekend.
Friday: We stayed at home all evening. Brandon made a roast with potatoes and carrots. It was delicious. We watched a movie and just hung out around the house. It was a nice evening after all the busy holiday weekends. 
Saturday: morning we got up and ran some errands. We took our dog, Cash,to the Sloppy Dog Wash. He smells so much better!! We met my Mom and sister there so they could give their dog, Izzy, a bath also. Later we went to Target and then cherry berry. {which is an awesome self serve frozen yogurt place, Brandon and I go there more then we should but we love it} We finally came home and put on a fire, made a pizza, hung some curtains, and watch a movie. Brandon says my attention span is the size of a squirrel because me watching a movie is more like me walking around house finding something to do while the movie is going. I tried to make a unique mantel decor piece but it didn't turn out that good. For Christmas Brandon and I got a gas insert for our fireplace. I don't like a real wood burning fire in my house, it kinda gives me a headache. So this was perfect for us! It was finally finished getting installed this week and we have thoroughly enjoyed it this weekend ( :  Aside from it warming the house so much, its so pretty! We also added curtains to our living room saturday evening. We have needed some window treatments there for a while but Brandon really didn't want anything in the living room. He liked the simple all window look. So I finally convinced him to just get some very simple curtains, nothing fancy. Annndd he likes them!

Here's our fire!!

Sunday: We woke up and went to Church and afterwards headed out to a local winery for lunch. It was such a nice Sunday afternoon with my Brandon. And guess what....  it started snowing while we were there. The first snow of the season and we were sitting at a beautiful winery looking out over the hills. We tasted several wines which was delicious and had a sandwich and soup lunch with a brownie for dessert. After lunch we went and saw Brandons Nanny, his great grandmother. She is almost 90 years old and isn't in the best health but is always nice to visit with her. We ended the day with coming home and relaxing. Brandon made polish stew {he is such a good cook}. I started to clean out a guest room closet but found a stopping point and decided to finish later this week. We ate dinner and watched some tv.. and now I'm blogging ( :  
Here are a few pictures of our Sunday...
At the winery.
So pretty

 Inside the winery
They had the cutest chocolates shaped as the state Oklahoma

Stone Bluff Winery, great time

Oh and being lazy Sunday evening with a pile of clothes right out of the dryer( :
Awww, so warm!

Have a great week everyone!!

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