Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bitter Sweet Goodbye to 2010

Whew what a Year 2010 has been!! I think it has had some of the best days of my life. Those kind of days you tell your grandkids about and think about often. I am in awe by all the changes in my life in the past year but really how those changes have made a change in me. I was shortly out of college trying to decide what to do with myself when 2010 started off...

Hmm lets see.. in January 2010 I was bringing in the New Year very very very excited for what it had in store ( :   Heres a little story of my 2010..


We had quite the blizzard here in Oklahoma. But one thing you might not know about this summer loving girl  is that I love the snow too! We went sledding until I couldnt move. Brandon and I also adopted our first 4 legged fury friend, Cassius. Hes a boxer mix and always full of energy. He was so sweet and small and cuddly in January 2010 but a whole different story in 2011... still sweet but not so small and cuddly. It was also my Moms birthday, January 15th! Oh and let the serious wedding planning begin!

Brandon and I always take turns cooking for each other on Valentines Day, we don't have to fight the crowds. 2010 was the first year we were able to eat our dinner in our home together. Even though I didn't live there yet, it still felt like home and I'm pretty sure we cooked a fabulous meal. My good friend Stephanie also got married, it was a beautiful wedding in an amazing Cathedral. More and more wedding planning ( :

Spring Break!!! Brandon and I went to San Antonio (actually for a work trip but still we had a great time together). My parents and some of my sisters went to Destin, Florida and stayed in our family condo. We watched their dog Izzy for a week. Cash loved it! We also put wood floors all through our home. Well worth every dollar and every minute!! Wedding invites, favors, programs, and goodies start coming together.

Brandon and I really started getting our house and landscaping into gear for all the wedding company. We also realized how we need a new drainage system for our backyard.. can you say Flood?! Wedding planning was in full foce. Invitations went out, fitting for my dress and girls dresses happened,  searched for shoes, finals for florist, photography, and music!! So exciting!! oh and had a cook out at my sisters house.

The Wolf Pack at the bonfire
Mom trying on Lindseys dress for her            Our wedding invites we made ourselves

What a fun month! Wedding shower was May 1st. Bachelorette party with the big girls.Girls slumber party with the little girls and sisters. One of my little sisters graduated high school. Found a beautiful birds nest in my fern. Had a little bit of icky weather (hail). Had the first snowcone of summer. First spray tan ever..eekk. Finalized wedding plans. Counted down each day until the wedding. Busy busy month but loved every minute.
And Happy Birthday to my litle sister Piper, she turned 10 on the 18th.  
{Girls slumber party}
Mags graduation!!
Bachelorette Party with the ladies

 Yes that is me with the spray tan... don't worry I had to rinse it off 4 hours later and it was just a nice tan. But it was hilarious while it lasted.

Fell in Love all over again.Married my best of my life.partner man I know. 
Yes, I know cheesy, right? But I think we can all be a little cheesy when it comes to things that really matter.. {Love}
June 12th at 7:00pm we had our dream wedding. Our rehearsal dinner the night before was amazing as well. A few days after the wedding was our honeymoon. Oh and two of my sisters birthdays, the 20th and 22nd! I also moved in with Brandon in our home after the wedding ( :

The Hilarious "Red Carpet Experience" photo booth pics from the wedding

Honeymoon. We went on the the biggest crusie ship made by Royal Carribbean!! Amazing! Jamaica.Haiti.Cozumel.Grand Caymen.Miami.


July was fun but I was a little sad after my wedding was over. We had a great 4th of July with the family. Went to a Drillers baseball game with the family and saw fireworks. Oh and Brandon's birthday was the 5th.. he turned the big 27!

Well in August I turned 25 and chopped my long hair off. eekk. We were mostly over the post wedding blues and started really enjoying the summer. We worked in the yard a lot. Went swimming. Floated the river. Had a bonfire at our house. My parents went to Hawaii with a few of my sisters so we watched their dog, Izzy, again. My lil sister Piper started her first day of her last year at elementary school. And my other little sister Maggie started college! My Grandma had her big 70th birthday party!! We threw a 50's sock hop for her. My Dad celebrated his birthday on the 6th.

Piper and Brandon singing Happy Birthday to me with all the goodies they got in Hawaii. My Mom made a Hule Pie for my birthday cake, a Hawaiian favorite.

Not my favorite hairdo but it's just hair ( ;

Fun Month! Went to Cinncinnatti to see OU play and got to sit in an awesome suite. Had a slumber party with all my little girls. Had a funny accident on my treadmill...   Winterized our yard and accomplished a much needed flower bed makeover.

Before and After {read all about it here}

Funny accident was not so funny... here

Halloween! We had our first big Halloween bash in our house together. It was family and kids and lots of food, some killer pumpkins, and a ton of candy. Went on our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. And celebrated ole Quentins birthday (sisters boyfriend).

Carved Pumpkins!!

Did a bathroom makeover, that I love. Had a lot of family in for Thanksgiving which was a blast. Had the pleasure of going to 4 different Thanksgiving dinners, it was fun but my body hates me now ( :  Made a fall centerpiece. Found a kitty cat, then found it a good home. And started putting up Christmas decorations. Oh and my Aunt Debbies birthday and my sister Maggies birthday!

CHRISTMAS EVERYTHING! Did a ton of shopping this month, kept putting Christmas decor up alllll month. Hosted a game night with the family. Went to a tacky Christmas sweater party {even made sweaters for the party}. Christmas train with family. Christmas parade with Brandon and Piper. Went to a hockey game in a suite with family and friends. Brandon and I hit 6 months married ( :  Last but not least, enjoyed Christmas with our families.

Mom and her girls 

Brandon, his brother, and their cousins

Well that was my year end review. It was a very long post but such a short version of one of the best years yet! I am looking foward to 2011 and what is has in store. But 2010 will never be forgotten for so many reasons. As always, I have a ton of news years resolutions.. the typical ones like work out, lose a million pounds, get heathly... blah blah blah. But this year, I want to do much more. Become more active in my Church, pray so much more.Decide my career. Save way more money then usual. Talk more to my family who doesn't live close.
Take more risks.
Don't be scared .... try everything and try my best at it.

Let this year be the Best yet!


Anonymous said...

What a fun recap!
I got married in June the week before you.
Happy 7 months of marriage! : )

Megan said...

LOVE the year in review! And now that you have a blog, you'll have a journal with pictures of each year. It's. The. Best.

Anonymous said...

I love the review! Great job! Wow what a busy year!