Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pops.. the Soda kind

Okay I know I know its been for-ev-er since I have blogged. I say this every post but gezz life is busy right now. I really do think things will slow down this summer (maybe...possibly).
So anyway... real quick I wanted to share with my blogger friends a pretty cool place right here in ole Oklahoma. Its called Pops and you can visit it here. Pops is located on the historical Route 66. It reminds me of the movie "Cars". The little town with so much character that is passed by much too often.
Route 66 {right through Oklahoma}

In Aracadia, Oklahoma there is a not so little restaurant/site to see called Pops. There are probably one million kinds of pop here. {okay maybe not a million but there are a ton for sure} Brandon and I were headed back from OKC a couple weeks ago and since he loves this place we decided to take route 66 and stop by. We always get a 6 pack when we are there, its pretty fun picking out the colors and kinds of pop you want in your own little 6 pack. Brandon usually picks out a couple he likes then we get a few for family members. Picture time!

The very large soda outside Pops

walls and walls of Soda Pop

Every kind you can imagine

The 6 pack carries you fill up yourself

More soda pop

I usually don't drink soda but I am a sucker for one kind... cream soda!

The large Soda at night {so cool}

So there you have it... a little piece of Route 66. Now all of you should come visit. There are so many cool sites on Route 66 and really neat places to stay.
Maybe one day I'll do a trip planner post all about Route 66 ( :  

Have a wonderful week!!!  


linnea paulina said...

That looks like such a neat place to visit! I normally don't drink soda either... but I'm also a cream soda girl!!! The first time I had one... WOW, there's nothing like it's taste! Love it :o)

MelissaOklahoma said...

I've never been to Pops, but I'd like to try it sometime just to have the experience!