Thursday, May 5, 2011

A bunch of Spring stuff.

"A bunch of Spring stuff"... my title is awful. I am so not good at thinking of good titles. I actually sat down and really tried to think of a good one to....
Lovely Spring. = thats just corny
What I've been up to lately. = borrring
Friends, Family, and Springtime. = really corny
Okay so I gave up and just put exactly what this post is about... a bunch of stuff I've been up to this Spring. give me a break, I'm not a writer. ( :

Its been awhile since I have posted on this little blog. So if I go over eveything I have been up to since my last post I would bore you all half to death. I have been super busy and thats probably why I suck at finding time to blog.. I WILL get better at this (i have to keep telling myself that).

So anyway a few weeks ago my family headed outta town for a birthday on one day and an awards ceremony on another. Brandons side of the family was celebrating his little sisters birthday so we went to Frontier City. An amusement park with lots of rides and an ole frontier town kind of feel to it. We had 4 kids with us and several other family members. We had a good time... other than getting soaked on the rapids ride the kids had to ride even though it was only in the 60's out. Brrrrr!

The next day we went to Pipers award ceremony. My little sister is pretty much genius. (hope I spelled genius right... she clearly didn't get it from her big sister. HA) She entered a project at her school and made it all the way through district placing first and then to state where she placed 2nd. She's only 10! She got her award and was pretty excited about it.
Some pics from that weekend....

 After Frontier City we went and stayed at my Gammys. Bailee (brandons cousin) sittin out by Gammys pond feeding the ducks.
Me Familia at Pipers award ceremony

The next weekend was Easter. It was rainy and cold but good to be with some of the family.
Brandon and I had a FIESTA at our house the saturday night before Easter. I have a friend moving to Tennessee so we had a going away get together for her.
Fajitas.Margaritas.Sopapilla Cake.Corona.Chips & Salsa.
We had a great low key get together with friends.

We went to Church Easter morning and then to my Moms to have lunch. We always do fried chicken (which we get ohh about once a . Afterwards we went to Brandons Moms house and had dinner. I was pretty stuffed that day. We played a few games of spoons with the family. and let me just say one thing about that game you have to be freakin vicious to get a dang spoon. ( :

Oh and almost forgot to mention we had a little flood over Easter weekend. Yayy. Not.

We always wanted a water feature...
oh wait lookie we got one without the expense and sore bodies.

Brandon and I have been working our buts off in the yard lately... I think we are at a stopping point this year. Maybe next year add some more stuff. I'll post some good pics of the yard eventually (maybe next time I post in like two months) haha Im just making fun of my horrible blogging habits.

Last weekend my friends and I WIGGED OUT. (not like went crazy wigged out but wore wigs and went out) It was a lot of fun.. I suggest everyone get a wig and wig out. My favorite part was not fixing my hair. I am not liking the length of my hair right now.. its that inbetween, can't do anything with it length. So a wig was perfect for me. We rented a limo for our friend who is moving away and went out for a night on the town {and then some much needed whataburger}.
Some pics from our wig adventure...

I was told I looked like "Gem". Remember her... the cartoon 80's rock star girl that we all watched when we were younger. I loved her.  

And since this definitely deserves a picture and sentence in this post... here it is... the first SNOWCONE of the year. I wish I could ask for gift cards to snowcone places. I eat a lot... like more than a lot. a ton.

Have a wonderful week and I will be back sooner this time!


Anonymous said...

Since you crammed this post with a month's worth of updates, I have to comment on multiple things (haha)

1. Your little sister is seriously the cutest. I can totally see her being a genius. : )

2. I like the necklace you wore on Easter day.

3. That Mexican dinner menu sounds absolutely delish!!

4. Your WIGGED OUT night out with the girls looked so fun. Cute wig. : )

5. You sure have an awesome bond with your family.

6. I'm sorry about your backyard flood.

See, you need to post more so I don't look like a stalker leaving you six comments on one post. lol

Megan said...

Glad you finally blogged! Don't worry, one day when you're a momma and your baby goes to bed by 7 you'll have lots of blog time! :)

Don't forget to write me back on FB---I dying to hear your answer.

See ya!

Janelle Haskin said...

You have such an adorable family! Sorry about the flood-- that totally sucks! :(


Sara said...

So many fun times (and not so fun too... boo flood!) Hope you had a GREAT rest of the month :-)

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