Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas in pictures

Well I am technically not done with my "all about my sisters" posts. I have ONE sister left... my oldest Lindsey. Buuuttt... I think I'm gonna pause the sister posts to get some of these Christmas pictures on here and off my computer. I didn't even post about Thanksgiving or Halloween... I totally failed with blogging this holiday season.
We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! I think we only had to attend about 23 different Christmas get togethers. haha! kiddin. We did attend several but its worth it every year. I saw ALL my sisters at one time and also got to go indoor camping! whats indoor camping you ask?!....
Oh and ps... I LOVE my Christmas presents. Clothes, lotions, shoes, a beautiful watch! oh and red pots and pans and a gorgeous fireplace screen!! I am one lucky girl ( ;

So here's Christmas in a nutshell....

The wreath I made... I heart deco-mesh (thankyou pinterest) 
 Brandon does such an amazing job with our lights.....
I think when we have kids it might get outta control ( ;
 Our tree. I did it a little different this year and like it ( ;
 We had Christmas eve at our house for one of Brandons families.
It was the first time I was able to use my great grandmothers dishes.

 Christmas Card wreath...

Christmas Train with Brandons family
 Me and lil P at the Christmas train

Brandon gettin nice and warm ( ;

Our 2011 Christmas card.
The front...

The inside was an "I spy" game with things from the years past.  

Annual tacky sweater party, love getting all dressed up for this!

Christmas eve service at LifeChurch. Singing Holy Night, it was beautiful.

Mom and Dads for Christmas eve, my moms decor is gorgeous.
Christmas eve at my parents with two of my sisters, Piper and Lindsey

Catch me with all my sisters and we get a bit goofy
(hints the amazing pajamas, glasses, and reindeer headband.. lol)

My large, loud, crazy, loving, most awesome family ever.

Oh goodness... and the aftermath.

My parents surprised our family with the indoor camping adventure the weekend after Christmas. It was my whole family. We also invited Brandons little cousins and lil sis.

And now for the INDOOR CAMPING....
We had the best time!!!!

Brandon with his cousins Blake and Reid

On the roof overlooking downtown Tulsa

We played a ton of games all night!!!

the human knot! don't worry they got out of it.

Hide-n-seek in the dark with glow sticks

Makin Indoor smores ( ;

And finally, the whole group playing charades! So much fun.

New Years Eve dinner with friends ( ;

Well that was about a tenth of the pictures I took over the holidays. Maybe next year I'll do better with actually posting them ( :
I hope everyone had a great holiday and is off to a wonderful start in 2012!!!

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Mallory said...

Super cute Christmas decor! Pinterest is the BEST!!!