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Meet Lindsey.....

Hi blogging world....
Well this is my final "Meet my sisters" post. Yes I realize there are several of us and you probably didn't think this attempt to blog about all my sisters would take me months. But since I do have 4 sisters and I don't blog as much as I should (i've failed at blogging) you should have known this was going to take months and months. lol! So anyway, here it goes....

Meet Lindsey.....

I'm not really sure where to start about Lindsey. There is so much to her. Shes complex yet simple. Shes sweet yet stubborn. She's wild yet low key. She's city yet country. She's glamorous yet casual. She is everything so many people want to be just like.

Since I have known her my whole life.. yes all 26+ years I know quite a bit about Linz. I could probably blog all day about here but I'll try to keep this to a minimum. When Linz and I were little she was the sweetest big sister ever. Seriously! I was a bit mean when I was younger and Lindsey would always do anything to make me happy. She stuck up for me (and still is to this day), she let me be a little punk to her, and she even talked for me. I guess I knew Lindsey would do my talking for me so I would just look at her when I wanted something and she knew exactly what I needed or wanted. I don't think I would be the person I am today without Lindsey in my life.

Lindsey was such a sweet soul as a kid. She wanted to help people, loved animals, was good to our Mom and to me. She was pretty much what you want your little kid to be like.

Lindseys niche for fashion started long before her 20's.....
So as Lindsey grew up I think she went through every middle school/high school stage you could go through. She was (sorry linz) kind of a drama nerd for a while, then went skater group (remember back in the day... skaters and "No Fear" clothing where the bomb) then she decided to change up and go preppy (this might have been when she started playing volleyball, her athletic days), then as she entered high school I think she just stopped searching and was Lindsey. Of course at that time, people still flocked to her because she has a personality that draws you in like no other.
And the girl is {make you wet your pants} FUNNY!
 Through high school Lindsey worked at coffee shops, tanning salons, old navy, a daycare (as a teacher and yoga instructor), a donut shop (for a very very short period of time), and at a country club pool in the early morning hours of summer ... yes you remember this right linz ( : I did this with her)
Through high school I think she re-paid me for all the times I was mean when we were younger. Don't feel too bad for her folks, she was mean to me in high school. Lets just say she one time tried to choke me because I threw a bottle of cleaner at her (the cleaner was closed, it didn't get on her at all) but that didn't stop her. hahahaha! Really overall, we were just two sisters. We faught over clothes most of all. We took each others clothes without asking.. pretty normal for sisters right?!

So to get on to nowadays.... Lindsey is very very unique. She is like super gorgeous, kinda makes me sick ; ). She is a writer for a local newspaper in southern Oklahoma. She is an amazing cook and baker (still trying to convince her to open a catering business). She loves loves loves all animals and has such a soft heart for them. She volunteers at her Church often. She lives in a log cabin on lots of land with her boyfriend Quentin. She owns 4 dogs, 2 cats, and fosters 1 dog. She loves planting flowers. She loves decorating. She is a bit of a wine connoisseur. She is very fashion forward. She loves the ocean and Dallas ( :  She's strong willed and knows what she wants. She loves cupcakes, ice cream, and coffee. She is a vegetarian. She's had every hair color I can think of and rocks them all. She once got locked in her own room and starting flipping out, she and I counted our power beads on the floor of a Church we were a little scared of ( ;  She would make me walk down the hall in the middle of the night because she "thought she heard something". So many more memories and funny stories! She loves her family so much and is always there for you in a non-judgmental listening way.

These are just a few of the animals she has rescued over the years. Our family teases her about how all the animals must talk about where to go if "in need" because they always wind up at Lindsey and Quentins house and "help" is always what they get. Along with food, a cozy bed in their room, all the toys you can think of, plenty of doggie friends to play with, and a HUGE yard to play and dig in. No wonder all these animals never want to leave her house, I wouldn't either if I were them.
 Sam and Hank
 Bunny aka bun bun

This is one of my favorite pictures of her and she hates it. bahahah! At my wedding when the wedding party was annouced they came out dancing. Leave it Lindsey to do just that. Dance! It was amazing!
I loved it.

Since she is really good at makeup and hair she did all the girls makeup. I got pretty lucky ( :

Sara Corpening once said," How do people make it through life without a sister?" Well I have no idea.

{Lindsey Marie}
We are closer than close. I love her for everything great she is and every flaw she has. We are like cake and frosting. Different in almost every aspect but so good together. Rarely can have one without the other. When we are old, I can see lindsey still wearing her bright red heels with maybe a ruffled purple 80's prom dress she found at a vintage shop while carting around her 6 dogs and 2 cats while flirting with the cuban cutie at Starbucks ( ; and givin the finger to the ole hag honkin behind her. oh with me in the passenger seat.
I can't wait to see see what our lives have in store for us Linz. Just know that wherever you end up, whatever you choose to do I am always behind you cheering you on. I could not ask for a better big sister and feel incredibly lucky and blessed you are mine.

Love you with all my butt ( :

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