Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring Fever...

I've got Spring Fever... bad. It's been so nice outside I want to throw on a dress and flip flops and call it good. But then I remember it's nice out but still winter and I would look like a complete weirdo.

So for now, I have put together some of my favorite pieces for spring/summer clothing
I want this year...
Now I just gotta make the plunge and order all this... okay maybe not all of this but some ( : 

Lovin me some maxi's this year. I have always been a fan of them paired with a cute fedora but this year I might be wearing them even more ( ;

They have so many colors in these dresses! How do I choose?

So next is... the maxi skirt and few cute shorter dresses. A must have for summer as well.

I LOVE white. White anything. It's my favorite color (yes white can be a favorite color...haha) 

All these dresses need to be paired with a cute pair of flip flops right? And yes, Brandon, I need another few pair of flip flops. I downsized them last summer, I went from 35 pair to 33. C'mon! lol
I like the brown and white ones the best. The coral are super cute too.

There's also this tunic which is completely my style... long enough to wear with tights and off the shoulder. So simple and cute.

Oh yeah and I love these shorts. Again... super cute but comfy!

Well everything you saw here was from Victoria Secret! Not the cheapest store out there but not the most expensive.

Have a great week! Oh and aren't you proud of me, I blogged more this month than like ever?! Yayy!

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Taylor Morgan said...

Beautiful outfits! I would take them all!