Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring is here

I am so happy Spring is here. I love summer time and this is just one step closer to summer.

The next few months are always busy for us.. we have lots of birthdays, Easter, work gets busier, and this year we'll be getting ready for baby!

My next appt is at the end of March and we'll hopefully find out the gender. I am thinking about having a gender reveal party with family.... we'll see though ( :

This post might be somewhat boring since theres not much to blog about unless you want to hear about our everyday life.. which I'll spare you on that. ( ;

As far as pregnancy... I feel great! I am 12.5 weeks along. I was very sick for a few weeks but figured out pretty quickly it was all because of those prenatal vitamins (blahhh). They made me so sick and tired (and a few other symtoms I won't mention). So I quit taking them. I know I need to get back on them but my doc said take a daily vitamin for now and try them again in the next couple weeks. We'll see how it goes....

I will be out town next week for work. So maybe come April I will do some more pregnancy posts.

Well here is proof Spring is here in my backyard...
the first picture was takin just a few days ago and the second just yesterday. So pretty

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful relaxing weekend. 

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