Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Can you believe it? I am blogging more than once in one month?! haha!!

Well I have a little huge something to tell everyone....

Brandon and I are having a BABY. Yep, I am pregnant!!!!

Kinda funny how it all happened (okay well everyone knows how it happened..hehe) but anyway, we decided in mid december to get off birth control after hearing from several friends that it took them a year to two years to get pregnant after being on birth control.
We were completely fine with it happening right away but really didn't expect it within in a year or so.

Well were we a little wrong.... (( :

Torwards the end of January I took a pregnancy test just on a whim (really for no reason, I hadn't felt anything yet) and was I shocked when I saw two little lines pop up on that test. I immediately did another one and the same results appeared! I had a sweet little way to tell Brandon but of course with my excitment I totally failed at that. I just smiled real big and said "OhMyGoodness" while holding up the results. He started jumping around and couldn't believe it. It was meant to be.

I went to the doctor the next week and found out that I was 5 weeks along already!! So friends, do the math.... the first opportunity we were able to get pregnant we did. ( :   I prayed thankyou to God over and over. Thank you for this miracle.

Brandon and I are so excited. I know I have said this before on here but he has wanted kidos for a while now and I was always been on the fence about waiting a couple more years.  I am not sure what hit me in Decemeber but all the sudden I just felt more ready than I ever had.

Right now I am 7 weeks and a day. I am reading all kinds of books and looking at websites to learn more about pregnancy... because I'll be honest I am pretty clueless.

Right now little baby is the size of a blueberry and it's crazy how this little blueberry can make me so dang tired!!! lol!

The first 5 weeks I told everyone how amazing I felt and ohh I just feel so good. Well I spoke a little too soon, at 6 weeks I started feeling pretty nausea throughout the day and oh so tired! along with a few other little things. But really overall, I feel pretty lucky because nothing has been too bad at all.

So anyway, I'm sure I will be sharing more posts in the next several months about this exciting news. Check out last years Valentines Day post all about our "love story" here.

Stay tuned.... ( :

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Mallory said...

I am so so so excited for you and Brandon!!!! I cannot wait to meet Baby Ullrich!