Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday Fun!!

Well the weekend is over and back to reality! But what a fun weekend it was....
Friday August 20th was my birthday. I turned 21...okay okay add 4 years to that. I am actually 25 now. I think from now on though I am just going to celebrate my 25th birthday every year. So in 4 years I'll still be turning just 25. hahaha! I wish that was how it worked. Pretty sure my older sis (now 27) has said she is 25 for the last couple years. Cats out of the bag now Linz...sorry! lol! Anyway, it was a great birthday. My family and BU (thats Brandon my husband if you didn't know) and I headed to OKC friday afternoon. We had to get ready for the big 50's style sock hop party we were throwing my Gammy on Saturday. We stayed at the Renaissance in Bricktown and went to eat at a yummy Mexican restuarant right there in Bricktown. We had such a great time! We laughed, goofed around, talked, and I just enjoyed every minute. I really can't explain how much fun my family is. When we all get together its a party. Us girls will laugh until we cry and the guys usually come up with some plan to do something clever (this time it was that they are all going to grow mustaches in honor of OU football.... Quentin, my sisters boyfriend, got his started early. He had it the next day..haha) I also got some pretty cool things for my birthday.... I got a treadmill, a really nice road bike from Brandon, house decorations for fall and a GIFT CARD to hobby lobby to get a custom frame for a wedding picture from my Mom, Dad and Piper, money from my Gammy, and my favorite kind of candles from my sister Lindsey. I also received several cards from people I love. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. By the Grace of God I am this blessed and have this amazing Life. Oh and a week ago my Mom cooked Sunday dinner for an early birthday dinner for me and she did HAWAIIAN STYLE. It was delicious. Pretty sure I gained about 10 lbs. She even made their authentic Hula Pie! To die for! We took the new bike for a test ride last night all around the golf course, it was awesome. So easy to ride. Brandon was huffin and puffin and I was just breezin on by on my Schwinn road bike.
Heres the new ride.

I would post pictures of all my new goodies but I didn't get any pictures of them and I just so happen found the bike online. But I am extremely excited about everything!
Heres my family downtown OKC friday night....

Well now on to the BIG party held on Satuday. My Gammy (my Moms mother) turned 70 recently and we wanted to do it up big this year. So for the last couple months we have been planning a 50's themed birthday party. It was finally here Saturday the 21st an went over awesome. We sent out invites to all her friends and rented a nice clubhouse. My older sister and her boyfriend did all the food since she is the cook and my Mom and I did all the decor and party planner type stuff. Brandon also made her an amazing video that made everyone tear up. It was definitely a blast from the past, my family looked like a family straight out of the 50's. We had typical diner food... hamburger sliders, corn dogs, little hash brown bowls with a dill dip inside, mini patty melts, fruits and veggies, and much more. We also had cupcakes galore and a root beer or coke float station. Oh and a popcorn machine! Here are several pictures from the party and all the details...

  Mom and Dad by the jukebox                                                                     
                                                            Brandon and all dressed and ready

Taking turns kissin Elvis! Oh how we love Elvis!!

The Popcorn machine was a big hit

 Our Jukebox we rented!                The tables had all sorts of 50's goodies

Food ..Food...Food!! Yum! Look at that display!

      These are the goodie boxes givin to all the guests... inside them were:
A 50's music only CD
lots of 50's candy (candy cigarettes, fun dip, rock candy, chick o sticks, etc..)
A bag of popcorn
A coke to go with the popcorn
And last but not least... a picture of my Gammy the birthday girl

Our other decorated tables around the sock hop party
Like our 50's costumes...

We had a great time! Hard work but worth it when we saw our Gammys face. So if anyone ever needs a party planned we are the girls to hire ( :


Alayna Hooper said...

Such a cute idea for a party! Looks like you had lots of fun! You & Brandon are such a cute couple : )

Anonymous said...

What a fun party!!
Great job planning -- looks like it was a huge hit. : )

Lindsey said...

You. Posted. My. Age. On. Your. Blog!!!!!!!!! God help you, tramp! Cant wait to read the next it about my weight, maybe my shoe size or my real hair color?! Hahaha! Im kidding.......kind of. It was a fun weekend, Im glad you had a wonderful birthday and Im so glad I got to be there! Love you!!! (but not as much as I did five minutes ago)
P.S. Sweet bike! You need a basket!