Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last "First Day" of Elementary School

I wanted to post a little something today about my little sisters first day of 5th grade. My mini me Piper is staring 5th grade today. I know.... tears are building up as I am typing. She is growing up way to fast. She is the coolest kid I know... she makes straight A's and is in all kinds of sports. I want to be just like her when I grow up ( :
Today is her last first day at elementary school. Next year is the big leagues...6th grade!
So heres a little note to P-Diddy.... You will do great in 5th grade bub, keep focused but have fun. Remember to embrace everyday and live it to the fullest. Do you school work, make friends, laugh a lot, play hard, read as much a you can, help your teachers, love 5th grade, eat a good breakfast and lunch, and remember that your family is your biggest fan!!

A little strole down "Piper" lane..... what a pretty lane it is...

First Day of school as a 2nd grader...

Below is the first day of school as a 4th grader

This last pic is of little Pip and her dog Izzy when she was in 4th grade

Love you Piper Sydney!


Linny said...

Ohhhh! She should not be this old! I can remember 5th grade.......shes a waaaay better kid than I ever cared about being, shes just perfect!

A Wedding Story said...

What a cutie! I hope she had a great first day!

Sara said...

she is adorable!! happy first day to her!