Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Ullrich is a....

We went to the doctor last week and the doctor was pretty sure that Baby Ullrich is a ....


I went to the doctor at 14 weeks and she couldn't tell exactly what baby was so we decided to wait to have a gender party until she was more sure. Well last week I was 18 weeks, that meant time for our next doctors appointment. I laid there hoping she would see the the gender, praying we would hear the strong heartbeat, and loving every minute of seeing our little miracle.

The doctor told us to close our eyes, as she knew we didn't want to find out right there. Even though she did have a difficult time telling the gender she finally said, "okay I am almost positive now". Baby just does not want to give us a clear view, haha! This time she had her feet crossed right where the doctor needed to see but after poking my stomach a few times, trying to get baby to move around the doctor was pretty sure she was able to see. She wrote it down on a piece of paper and sealed it in an envelope.

Getting in the car with that envelope was the hardest thing ever! We wanted to open it but then we didn't want to also.We went straight to the baker and dropped off the envelope. We told them we didn't want to know at that time, but to make a cake with either pink or blue filling inside.

We sent out invites right away and starting getting ready to have the party that very Sunday.
We invited only family since that alone was around 25-30 people. We had lots of snacks (things I have been craving), lunch, and then cake (THE BIG REVEAL).

We had a few little games and decorations around our house. I didn't have a lot of time to plan but I think with the 4 days we had it came together very well.

Sunday came...the family arrived, we talked, snacked, and when lunch was finally ready somebody suggested we cut the cake first. No one could wait any longer. Brandon and I stood around the table ready to cut the cake. People were everyone around us, cameras flashing right and left. It was so much fun! We cut into the cake and to our surprise saw pink filling! We really were shocked, for so long we just knew we were having a boy first. I was sooo happy to see PINK though.

Of course, I got teary eyed, hugged Brandon, took pictures, and then went on to eat lunch. I would highly suggest a gender reveal party. We loved sharing that with the people we love, our family.

Pictures from the reveal party....

 Ultrasound photos from week 10 to week 18

 Notice all the votes for boy, I think most of our family were convinced we were having a boy. HA!
 Loved the sweet words our families wrote to Baby Girl!

 And finally... cutting the cake

 YEP, I started crying

 My big sis, Lindsey, and I
 My Mom and I

Every bit of planning was worth it! This party was one of my favorites so far. The family picture was taken a little late so not everyone was still there but atleast we got the picture. I was running around like a crazy person and forgot to take several pictures. I got alot of these from other people.

We have been busy busy busy and May doesn't look like its slowing down. Last weekend, we also went to the farmers market and got my sis ready for Prom. The weekend before that we were out of town for a golf tournament Brandon was in. I plan to post about all these events but just couldn't wait to post about our BABY GIRL!!

Have a great week, thanks for reading!

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