Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life lately

The past few weekends have been BUSY! And its not slowing down anytime soon. So I thought I would get some pictures off my phone (yes, the iphone pics are about as good as it gets these days, I forget my camera everywhere I go).

A few weekends ago I went with Brandon to a golf tournament he was in a couple hours away. I love watching him play but it turned out cold that day and I was miserable riding in the golf cart. I was wrapped up in a blanket the whole time, I am sure the other golfers thought I was a weirdo.

Then a couple weekends ago (the weekend of our gender reveal party) my lil sis and I went to the Farmers Market downtown on Cherry Street. It was awesome!! I want to go back with Brandon sometime soon. I bought fresh flowers for the house, they were beautiful. I could have spent way more money than I should but I got there a little late and they were getting ready to shut down. Piper and I took Mollie, another sister, to get her hair and makeup done that morning for her prom, then we left and got starbucks, and headed for the farmers market. It was a great time with my favorite little person, Piper. When we headed back to get Mollie, she was almost done with hair and makeup and was looking gorgeous! That afternoon we went back to my house and got things ready for the gender party which was the next day, watered my plants (and took some pictures of some of my favorites). Later that evening, we went back to my parents house and took pictures with Mollie before she left for prom and then the family and I went to eat dinner. My parents took us to this little asian place, it was so yummy!! Not the icky buffett kind, all fresh and natural delicious food. It was such a nice evening.
 fresh veggies
 Miss. Mollie
 The flowers I bought

Flowers from my own backyard....

Last weekend was busy too. I hosted a baby shower than turned out so adorable! It was childrens book themed and all the food matched childrens books. I will definitely post pictures from the shower soon ( :  We also had softball tournaments all weekend for my lil sister. She is really good at softball, well she's pretty athletic all around so its actually very fun watching her play all day. Plus I got a little sun which I can't complain about since I am pretty pale for me this time of the year (since I can't tan).

On the baby front... I'll be 21 weeks this Thursday!! I can not believe I am half way there. I have nothing done though. haha! Well one of the guest rooms is pretty cleared out other than a bed we need to put in storage. I gotta get into gear... there is so much to do.
I go back to the doctor in two weeks and can not wait to see our little girl.

This weekend is Mothers Day and its so crazy to think this will be the last Mothers Day ever that I techically don't have kids yet... even though baby girl is almost here ( :

More posts soon about the baby shower and I'll be sure to post some pregnancy progress too ( :

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