Monday, May 21, 2012

22 weeks and busy busy

Last week I hit 22 weeks of pregnancy! This post is a little late but starting Thursday of last week we have went non stop with celebrations and family stuff.

How far along: 22 weeks as of last week. Today: 22 weeks and 4 days
Baby is the size of a papaya
Average size: 10.5 to 11.8 inches and 12.7 to 20.8 oz.
Baby girl is also getting into a sleeping cycle... about 12 to 14 hours a day.

I have been sleeping very good lately so no complaints there. I still have to get up and go to the bathroom which is unlike me but I go right back to sleep. I am a very good sleeper... thats one thing I will most definitely miss when baby girl is waking me up every few hours. eekk.

Cravings: Well I haven't really craved much lately. I just feel like I've ate more than usual and I'm hungry more it seems like. I am sure it's all in my head but I feel like I could eat several times a day but I try to resist just so I don't put on a ton of extra weight. I did have some chocolate covered strawberries the other day that tasted so amazing ( :

Movement: Ohhhh goodness.. has baby girl been moving or what?! She started moving around 20 weeks and hasn't stopped. It's my favorite part of pregnancy so far. I was laying in bed a couple weeks ago around 11pm watching tv with brandon when I kept feeling something. Clueless me.. I thought I could feel my heartbeat. Then I felt it lower and lower so I had Brandon put his hand on my tummy and he felt it right off. He was so excited! I had a hard time going to sleep that night because I kept trying to get her to move some more. Ever since then I have felt something everyday, some days a lot of movement and some very little. Last week, Brandon and I laid out by the pool two evenings in a row. Listening to music desperately trying to get some sun. Baby girl starting moving and moving so we are thinking she either loves her Daddys taste in music or loves the sun. She's our water baby ( :
I am very excited to meet baby girl. I find myself wishing summer would come and go but I must make myself not do that and enjoy each new day because I know it will be here before I know it.

There hasn't been anything else really happening. We are starting to get ideas for the nursery and put those together. I've talked to my friends and sister about my shower so we're getting a date for that too. However, I think we'll get way more serious about getting stuff done after our vacation to the beach in a little over a month. So until then its just little stuff here and there.

This past weekend was fun but busy!! My aunt from Florida came in town on thursday morning to see my sisters high school graduation and for my other sisters birthday on friday.
Mollie graduated with around 1100 other students. It was a beautiful graduation cermony but very long. After graduation Thursday night we went back to my parents house and had a little reception for Mol. Dinner, cake, and presents. It was a fun night ( :

Friday the 18th was my little Pipers birthday. She turned 12 years old. That same day during school she ran for 6th and 7th grade class representative for next year. All week long she had to hang posters for her campaign, hand out flyers, and on friday she had to speak in front of her whole class. After her speech Friday morning the school voted and she found in the last hour of the day that...
SHE WON!!! Piper is now going to represent the 6th and 7th grade next year!
That evening we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for Pipers birthday dinner. The girl loves her wings!
After dinner, we went back to my parents and had cupcakes and presents. We also decorated the house during the day and her bedroom.

walking into her bedroom

On Saturday we took my aunt from florida to the farmers market on Cherry Street then went to Tulsa Mayfest with my family. I bought a cute homemade headband for baby girl and ate some yummy festival food.  Piper and my aunt got henna tattooes. We spent most of the day there looking at all the neat art and handmade items.
After we left, Brandon and I went home to take showers and change then headed to a friends birthday party at Los Cabos. After that we headed back to my parents for a cook out and an outdoor movie, which was really cool!!

On Sunday we said bye to my aunt and took it easy. Cleaned the house, went and saw "What to expect when expecting", and caught up on things at home.

It was a great weekend overall. Next weekend is Memorial Weekend which means pool time and cook outs. Love summer so far.



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